Pause Presents...

This is the year you align to the frequency of abundance & attract it effortlessly, you are here to do BIG things – YOUR way!

I believe money & true power in the hands of lightworkers on a mission can change the world.

This is why Awakened Wealth exists.
It’s a portal where Wealth Energetics meets Feminine Leadership.

Awakened Wealth is a program for conscious leaders who desire to change the world without sacrificing what matters most to them.

The ones who use energy as their number one strategy for attracting greater wealth and infinite fulfillment.

sound like you, my love?

Awakened Wealth is for you if...

  • You’re eager to tap into your infinite potential, grace, and soul essence, from which you can expand into the highest version of yourself that you know exists, but haven’t yet manifested.
  • You desire to be so energetically potent and aligned that through your very BEING you’re capable of transmuting through any illusions of limitations you believed in the past. 
  • You believe in love and MAGIC. You know the level of magic we experience in this human experience is directly related to the amount of love we choose to embody, amplify & radiate. You know this, deeply.
  •  You’re ready to release attachment to the effort, hustle and force and give yourself permission to experience flow & alignment in all ways.

in awakened wealth,

we will use the power of energetic callibration.

You will calibrate to the high level energetic frequency of the group. This is how we take quantum leaps in our ascension. You will be in a community of Light Beams who are committed to your expansion, evolution & vision. We are recalibrating & activating new energetic codes in your body – this very well may be some of the most powerful work you’ve done!

are you ready?

Then I invite you to join us now!

It’s time to step up if you know your creative energy has the magnitude to cultivate forces of great change, and you believe in divine defiance — you are one of the few who defies normalcy to glimpse extraordinary; again and again.

It’s time to embody your fierce feminine leader within who does things their own way, because you know what’s possible when extraordinary is your resting position.

Awakened Wealth Structure & Flow

8 x 75 mins Energetic Transmissions with Samantha Skelly to anchor into the frequencies of infinite wealth & divine feminine leadership.


module 1: remember

Module 2: ReClaim

Module 3: ReCalibrate

Module 4: ReWild

Module 5: ReVeal

Module 6: ReCreate

Module 7: ReImagine

Module 8: ReLive

All transmissions are happening LIVE on Zoom and will be recorded.

ACCESS now for $3333