BreathFest 2021

The Largest Breathwork Festival of the Year!

Saturday October 23rd at NTC Park | Liberty Station

San Diego, California

BreathFest LIVE in San Diego

Experience The Raw Power, Deep Connection, And Transformative Healing That Breathwork Has To Offer

Join me on October 23rd for the largest in-person Breathwork Festival of the year! Get back to what’s truly important, and remember the true essence of who you really are. Finding and (re)connecting with your tribe of soul brothers and sisters – so that we can collectively bask in the love, belonging, community, and harmony that connects us all. We’re going to breathe, move, transform, sing, express, and yes… HUG!


NTC Park in Liberty Station San Diego, California


  • Be a part of a powerful experience that will guide you through the power of Breathwork.
  • Feel supported, seen, and heard through the power of community and group healing.
  • Learn how to actually implement this incredible practice into your daily life, so that you can heal, transform, and grow.
  • Explore how you can harness the power of your Breath to move into deep states of bliss, joy, and expansion.
  • Release, untangle, and authentically express yourself through the power of movement and dance.
  • Have fun, connect, and rediscover your truth.
  • And experience tons more healing, transformative, and superhuman stuff...


  • All breathwork, movement & meditation 
  • Break out connection circles
  • Heartbeat exercises
  • Authentic relating exercises
  • Presence walking
  • Dance party!
  • Soul CBD
  • Cold Plunges
  • Photo Booths (connection booths)
  • Free water and HU Kitchen Chocolate 
  • Free Pause Breathwork eye masks


We’ll have giveaways happening throughout the entire 4-hour event and end BreathFest strong with a massive RAFFLE GIVEAWAY


  • Yoga mat
  • Journal 
  • Blanket & warm layers
  • Bathing Suit (Yes, we will have cold plunges!) 
  • Transportation to the event

Are You Ready To Get High LIVE?

Join me for this, first of its kind, LIVE in-person Pause Breathwork event – as I teach you how to skyrocket your energy levels, reduce your stress & anxiety to practically nothing, and ultimately – feel safe and loved inside of your own body, once and for all. 

You’ll learn the simple, and super practical, tools you can use daily to help regulate your nervous system and shift yourself out of stress and anxiety… QUICK!

But even more importantly…

Are You Ready For Deep, Meaningful Connection?

Do you remember the feeling of meeting new like-minded people? Socializing with them, hugging them, looking each other in the eyes, and feeling so deeply & authentically connected with them?

Now more than ever before, we need to remember what’s actually important in life.

We need to remember the essence that keeps our soul’s alive, vital, and thriving… We need to remember that community, connection, unity, and harmony are the things that are undoubtedly needed if we wish to stand any chance at true health and happiness. 

That’s why I decided to go against the norm… against the “recommendations”… against the mass messages of fear and hopelessness – and host this LIVE, in-person, Breathwork event, right here in San Diego. 

We are going to breathe through all of the fear and all of the anxiety. We are going to fill our beings, our souls, and our bodies with true fulfillment and deep connection.


We are going to get back to the truth of our human nature.

And we are going to do it all by activating the most powerful healing modality in the world… the breath. 

If you’ve ever said “I can’t meditate”… Then Breathwork is for you!


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Are you in or what?!

Click the link below to get instant access to the recordings from the #1 breathwork event of the year – BreathFest! 
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