Are you a coach, healer, or facilitator looking for techniques to develop your intuition so you’re a more skilled practitioner? Or maybe you have clients that struggle to connect with this part of themselves, and you’re looking for tools to help them drop deeper into themselves. Either way, this blog will help you see why breathwork is a powerful tool to help you and your clients develop intuition.


As someone who’s deeply passionate about helping others, I know that developing intuition can seem like a daunting task. But when you align with your intuition, life flows with ease, because your intuition is essentially your highest Self. When you learn how to develop intuition through breathwork, you’re reconnecting with what your body already knows – and this knowledge can empower both you and your clients.


In this blog, we’re gonna highlight the benefits of developing your intuition with breathwork for both you and your clients. Then give you some breathwork techniques you can start using with your clients right away.

Why You Should Develop Intuition with Breathwork as a Coach

When you choose to develop your intuition, you’re opening yourself up to a world of incredible benefits, both personally and professionally. Let’s dive into some of the key advantages you’ll experience on this journey:

Rock-solid decision-making: By tapping into your inner wisdom and trusting your instincts, you’ll become a decision-making powerhouse. This means more effective coaching strategies, faster problem-solving, and better overall results for your amazing clients.

Next-level client understanding: A strong intuition helps you deeply understand and empathize with your clients, as you can pick up on those subtle cues and emotions that might slip by others. The result? More personalized coaching sessions and a stronger bond with your clients.

Sky-high self-awareness: As you develop your intuition, you’ll become more in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This heightened self-awareness empowers you to address your own biases, blind spots, and areas for growth, ultimately making you a better coach.

Adaptability like a boss: Intuitive coaches are pros at handling unexpected situations or challenges during coaching sessions. You’ll be able to adapt your approach, techniques, or communication style to meet the unique needs of each client – how awesome is that?

Unshakable confidence: When you trust your intuition and the insights it brings, your confidence soars. This leads to more assertive and effective coaching practices and greater satisfaction in the work you do.

Boundless creativity: Tuning into your intuition unlocks new possibilities and perspectives, allowing you to think more creatively and innovatively when designing coaching programs, exercises, or interventions for your clients.

Aligned with your values: Developing your intuition connects you with your personal values and beliefs, which helps you create coaching practices that are authentic, ethical, and aligned with your purpose.

Burnout prevention: Coaches who rely on their intuition find it easier to maintain boundaries, prioritize self-care, and avoid overextending themselves. This contributes to reduced stress and burnout, allowing you to better support your clients in the long term.

Why You Should Help Your Clients Develop Intuition with Breathwork

Empowering your clients to develop their intuition brings a wealth of incredible benefits to their personal and professional lives. Let’s explore some of the key advantages they’ll experience on this transformative journey:


Confident decision-making: As your clients hone their intuition, they’ll become adept at making decisions that align with their values, aspirations, and instincts. This leads to more gratifying choices and positive outcomes in all areas of their lives.

Elevated self-awareness: Developing intuition often involves becoming more in tune with one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This heightened self-awareness empowers clients to better understand their motivations, strengths, and areas for growth, ultimately resulting in greater personal development.

Masterful problem-solving: Clients who nurture their intuition can more easily pinpoint creative solutions to challenges they encounter. By tapping into their inner wisdom, they can tackle problems from fresh perspectives and surmount obstacles with ease.


Unwavering self-trust: As clients learn to rely on their intuition, they typically experience increased confidence in their judgments and abilities. This leads to a stronger sense of self-worth and empowerment in various aspects of their lives.


Stellar stress management:  Intuition helps clients become more attuned to their body’s signals and emotional states, making it easier for them to recognize stress and take appropriate action to manage it.

Relationship breakthroughs: Developing intuition enables clients to become more empathetic and understanding towards others, leading to stronger connections and healthier relationships in their personal and professional lives.

Aligned with values and purpose: By learning to trust their intuition, clients can more easily identify what truly matters to them and make choices that align with their core values and life purpose.

Adaptability and resilience on point: Cultivating intuition helps clients become more adaptable and resilient in the face of change or adversity. They can better navigate uncertain situations and bounce back from setbacks by trusting their instincts.

Limitless creativity and innovation: As clients develop their intuition, they may find it easier to tap into their creative potential and generate new ideas or insights, both in their personal lives and professional pursuits.

By helping your coaching clients develop their intuition, you’re empowering them to make better decisions, increase self-awareness, enhance problem-solving capabilities, and improve various aspects of their lives. This holistic approach to personal development can lead to more fulfilling and successful outcomes for your incredible clients. So, let’s guide them on this journey together, amazing coaches!

And it starts with, you guessed it, BREATHWORK! 🥳

How to Develop Intuition with Breathwork


To truly understand how to develop intuition with breathwork, it’s essential to let go of preconceived notions about intuition. Forget the self-help books, spiritual leaders, and gurus. They can’t tell you where to search for yourself or help you uncover the answers you seek (Disclaimer: anyone who does should NOT be trusted). When you develop your intuition through breathwork, you’re stepping into familiar territory – your body has been here before and knows the way.

The Power of Breath in Developing Intuition


By practicing breathwork, you’re tapping into your body’s innate wisdom. Your body has experienced so much, and it can recognize patterns and guide you through anything. The most productive thing you can do is sit, breathe, and listen. Your body is always talking.


However, growing up in a society that values hustle over connectedness, we’ve been taught to disconnect from our bodies. This disconnection can lead to emotional eating, anxiety, and constant stress. But here’s the truth… You are not obligated to wake up in a state of panic each day. You are not obligated to live in a constant state of fear and pain. It’s not what you came here to be or do. And when you develop intuition with breathwork, you are choosing to let go of this ingrained and absurd obligation.


This is why you breathe.


First to heal yourself. 


Then bring this medicine to your clients.

How to Start Developing Your Intuition With Breathwork


Breathwork is the key to developing intuition and reconnecting with your truth first as a coach, then supporting your clients to do the same. The more you commit to this practice, the stronger your intuition will become. As a coach or healer, this enhanced intuition will allow you to better serve your clients and guide them on their healing journey.


So, breathe deeper, my fellow coaches and healers.


To get started, download the FREE Guided Breathwork Cheatsheet for coaches, healers, and facilitators. With this free cheatsheet, you’ll have 3 powerful breathwork techniques that you can use with your clients to help them transform on the deepest level. These techniques are simple and easy to use, but they’re also extremely effective. 

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