Become an Advanced Energetic Breathwork Healer

Embark with your peers on an expansive journey in sunny Southern California to deepen your healing skills.

This 4-day advance training is for a small group of Pause Breathwork Facilitator graduates who are ready to take their work – and their own embodiment – to the next level. 

Not only will you learn advanced techniques, but also deepen your own self-transformation.

You will walk away from this magical experience as an even more skilled facilitator, with a deeper understanding & awareness of your body, your energy, and your unique spiritual gifts.

This ADVANCED training will help you in SO many ways:

This Advanced Breathwork Training Is For You If:

This ADVANCED training will help you in SO many ways:

The next level of your energetic mastery awaits…

If you feel the call, it’s time to join a small group of your Pause peers on a peaceful 240-acre retreat center in stunning Southern California.

Together we will restore, rejuvenate, release, and reclaim.

This private and intimate retreat will soothe your nervous system on a deeper, more cellular level than you’ve ever experienced before.

But perhaps even greater than the self-reclamation…

You’ll have 5 days to bond, grow, and connect with like-minded peers: coaches, healers, and spiritual seekers —just like you— ready to unleash, unravel, and untame the power within. 

Are you ready to go even deeper in person & expand your healing gifts?

The September 11-15 training is now open!
Apply today and claim your spot before the spaces fill up.


How is the training delivered?

The Advanced Level 2 Breathwork Facilitator Training will be delivered 100% in person on retreat. It’s led by Samantha Skelly and her team of expert Trainers.

Your accommodations…

The place you’ll call home for 4 nights in the expansive nature of Southern California is called “The Oaks”.

The Oaks is a 240-acre sacred and private retreat center nestled just an hour outside of sunny San Diego.

This peaceful and serene space will provide the perfect backdrop for our immersive training while also providing healing hospitality and creative spaces designed exclusively for you to transform, rest, connect, and celebrate.

All food & accommodations are included.

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The Curriculum…

This incredible adventure will be life-changing.

Come ready to experience quantum leaps in your facilitation skills while immersing yourself in blissful nature and world-class training to nourish & renew your mind, body, and soul.

We can’t wait for you to join us! Claim your spot today and embark on this unforgettable journey of personal & professional growth. Spaces are very limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dates: September 11th-15th

Checkin: Wednesday at 4:00 PM PST

Checkout: Sunday at 1:00 PM PST

4 nights (5 days)

Wednesday: Evening Session

Thursday: Full Day

Friday: Full Day

Saturday: Full Day

Sunday: Morning Session

The training will be held at The Oaks retreat center in Ramona, California.

Please visit The Oaks’ website: for more information.
If you’re not local, you can fly into San Diego & it’s an hour drive from there.

The Pause Facilitator ADVANCED Program will support you and your life’s work  in SO many ways:

1) You will deepen your skills as a facilitator and feel even more confident and empowered while leading.

2) You will be at the forefront of the most advanced breathwork techniques in the areas of energetic breathwork, transmuting energy, and attuned touch.

3) You will deepen your own healing and transformation. This program is designed to challenge you, expand your consciousness, and bring your spiritual gifts to a higher level.

4) You can charge more money because you have greater skill and knowledge in energy healing on top of your foundational breathwork facilitator training.

5) You can attract more clients because you’re able to market yourself as an “advanced facilitator,” which is more appealing to the marketplace.

6) Your clients will get even deeper and more lasting results because you’re able to address a whole new layer of their experience through energy work.

7) You’ll learn from world-class experts who have been in the transformational space for more than 40+ years.

8) You’ll be part of an intimate community of incredible facilitators who are pushing the boundaries of transformation – with the potential to become lifelong friends who mutually support each other’s businesses.

9) You’ll have a lot of fun and leave feeling more connected, inspired, and alive!

10)  And, most importantly, you will be part of the conscious evolution of our world by helping others to awaken and reclaim their power on an even deeper level.

The ADVANCED program is a in-person immersion located in the expansive nature of Southern California. 

You will have in-person classes & mentoring from Samantha Skelly and her team of expert trainers.

All your accommodations and food are included. Attendees are responsible for their personal transportation to and from The Oaks.

For a premium, you can get your own private room, if that is something that feels good to you, make sure to mention this on a call with the team

Yes! This in-person immersion event will support you in deepening your embodiment and facilitation skills that you’re already learning in the program.

If you’re ready to go deeper with more advanced learnings, hands-on experience, and transformational healing, then you’re more than welcome to attend!

NOTE: Level 2 is an advanced training designed to enhance and build on the foundational Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training Certification. Current students of the PFT program are allowed and encouraged to participate, but completion of the Level 2 training does not count towards the graduation requirements for the PFT certification.

Are you ready to chat with the team to see if it’s an aligned fit?

If so, here’s what to do next…

Step 1: Submit your application now! Because we want to keep the integrity of this experience as a truly world-class transformation, there are limited spots available.  

Step 2: Schedule a call with our team to lock in your application, and discuss if this advanced training is right for you!

That’s it! We are so excited for you to join us on this incredible journey! Claim your spot today, and we’ll see you soon!  

Let's get ready to go DEEPER into our healing & mastery together.

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