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We need a revolution… we need an epic shift in the way we relate to our bodies. The model of hustling for our worth and hating our way to happiness needs to end.

We need a way to access our innate magic without dependency, dependency on the outside world, gurus, or other figures who claim to know how to “fix” us.

We need to wake up and unearth the parts of us that lay dormant, waiting to be released. We need to unearth the parts of us that need love, healing, and to transcend our bodies.

We need a way to enlighten, a way to touch the parts of us that resource us and make us feel alive.

We need to ultimately unlock our infinite wisdom and magic that is waiting for us to show up. We need to get high off our own supply.

We need lightness, a sense of ease and peace to flood our systems… a sense of permanent safety so we aren’t addicted to looking for it outside of ourselves. We need a revelation.

We need to destroy the dependency model, release our addictions to the outside world, and find the recourse within our bodies.

Take a journey with us

Let me guide you on an exploration into your magnificent inner world…

If you’re interested in the Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training but have never experienced the power of breathwork, please take 30 minutes and complete this FREE Pause Breathwork journey. When you’ve completed the journey, come back here and complete your application!

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My Vision

20 years from now, I want it to be absurd that humans once hated their bodies, numbed emotionality, and silenced the inner voice that was asking for love and for us to show up.

20 years from now, I want the dependency model to be completely destroyed, and for humans to remember the innate power and divine intelligence within each of us.

20 years from now, I want the connection between happiness and hustle to be demolished – the belief that we need to be constantly “doing” something to “feel” our desired feelings.

20 years from now, I want humans to have direct access to their hearts, where egos take a backseat to heart energy, and our addiction to struggle is replaced with joy as our new standard.

20 years from now, I see a completely different world – one in which humans are slower, softer, more connected, and more alive.

I know this is possible through the power of breathwork. I know this is possible through bringing humanity together to breathe, connect, love, and feel.

That is my vision… are you with me?

Our Mission

Humanity is desperate for a radical
paradigm shift, a shift in…

The way we treat
our bodies

The way we relate
to our souls

The way
we love

The way
we connect

The way
we heal

That’s our mission at Pause Breathwork – to help you clear anxiety and stress through the power of your breath and experience life-changing healing and transformation.

Because the truth is that constant anxiety and stress are not the norm, but for many of us, it can become our default mode and something we just live with. The truth is that we all deserve to thrive, and within each of us is everything we need to reach and sustain this state of being. The key to activating this state is the breath. At Pause, we envision a world where everyone has the awareness and knowledge to use the breath to clear anxiety and stress, grounding into the truth that the body is the healer, and through the power of the breath, each of us can access the flow of bliss, peace, and happiness.

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You can have a business that elevates the world and your lifestyle.
The 6-month Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training, delivered completely online, will provide you with an expert level education to facilitate this body of work in a way that is in alignment with your desired lifestyle.

All Love,
Samantha Skelly

Founder & CEO
Hungry for Happiness &
Pause Breathwork


The Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training will be delivered 100% online and is led by CEO & Founder Samantha Skelly.

Phase One: The Still
Personal Exploration

The STILL portion of the Facilitator Training takes place in the first month and focuses on personal empowerment and self-reflection. This is a deep dive into fully experiencing your own personal relationship to your body and yourself, which will allow you to start fully embodying all of the practices and techniques you’ll be passing on to your clients. We know that the most successful facilitators truly embody the philosophies they coach.

Phase Two: The Force
Facilitation Mastery

The FORCE portion of the training will take place online when we are 3 months in with Pause Breathwork Founder Samantha Skelly. The mastery phase will be a training. This part of the program will go through the fundamentals of breathwork and how to effectively facilitate breathwork. Upon completion of this, the facilitator will have everything they need to begin to facilitate Pause Breathwork.

Phase Three: The Practicum
Hands On Client Experience

The PRACTICUM takes place after the training with Founder Samantha Skelly. This portion of the program is designed to assist you with gaining hands on client experience. You will have guidance and direction through an exclusive community and will be supported as you facilitate your sessions.

What will you be able to do with this training?


Host intimate retreats all over the world to facilitate breathwork and provide a deep dive immersion experience to help your clients discover their own innate magic through breathwork. A retreat is an opportunity to completely disconnect from the outside world and provide a safe, supportive space for your clients to connect to their inside world. It's a beautiful blend of deep transformational healing and relaxation.

& Events

Host workshops and events to reach a wider audience. They are a great way to work with those who may initially be outside of your target audience and help them discover the beauty, magic, and healing properties of breathwork. These experiences are also great ways to showcase your breathwork facilitation expertise to help build your professional network and your client community.


Work with corporate entitites to bring the power of breathwork into more traditional work settings. As society continues to acknowledge the benefits of self-care and alternative healing, there's a growing opportunity to work with larger companies to facilitate breathwork as a means of employee care, alignment, and retention.

Community & Connection

Perhaps you don't want to create a business out of breathwork, but instead use this body of work to create community, connection, and healing within your local community or hometown. This training will give you the skills to be able to effectively gather with a group unfamiliar to breathwork and facilitate an experience.


“I always thought that my main issues revolved around body image, but through breathwork and reconnecting with myself and my body, I discovered that my true issues were perfectionism and unworthiness. Working with Samantha and learning breathwork has helped me make so much progress! Now I know how to connect with my soul and my higher self. I know how to feel and release emotions. In general, I am calmer. I am no longer in overwhelm, and I understand that life can be easy if I let it! Pause Breathwork is the coolest thing you can ever do. I can’t explain it – you just need to experience it for yourself!”

Courtney M.

Everything starts with the leader
I don’t know about you, but I have a certain heightened awareness and irritation with coaches and facilitators who clearly aren’t doing their own work.

Continued work and personal growth is vital to the success of any leader
It’s my intention to only support those who have a high level of emotional responsibility and understand the importance of taking care of our vessel before we support others.

The best leaders in the world are the ones who are constantly evolving
You’ll never “arrive” at being a good leader. It’s all about constantly learning, unearthing, and discovering. Providing you’re committed to this journey, you’ll become the best version of yourself.I believe in embodiment. We should be walking the walk in addition to talking the talk.

If you’re reading this and it sparks a fire in your soul,
I invite you to follow that divine feeling and apply today!

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Apply today to save $2,500

Are you ready to embark on a new path?

Our intention throughout the entire admission process is to get to know you and understand your vision and goals. It’s so important that you choose to join us from a place of alignment.

It needs to feel like a full body “YES!” Let’s explore your aspirations together and find out if pursuing this path is in your highest alignment.

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Apply today to save $2,500

Is it worth investing in this path?

Since the start of my career, I have invested upwards of $400,000 in business mentorship, workshops, training programs, executive coaching and energy work… all in pursuit of equipping myself with the most innovative and aligned strategies for building this empire. Even today, I am constantly investing in my own evolution, both professionally and personally.

My intention behind creating this program is to deliver to you all that I have cultivated and invested in along the journey of building Pause Breathwork. The value of what is delivered here has no true monetary value, as the tools I will equip you with have the potential to create another mission, empire, and legacy of their own. The leaders we create here know no bounds, and neither does their income potential.

I struggled with scarcity when I first started my companies. I used to undercharge and overwork. Back then, investing in my business without the certainty or the guarantee that I could make it back was viscerally uncomfortable for me. But, in every single instance, one thing always held true: when I chose abundance and mustered and resourced my trust in myself and in this process, when I trusted my inner knowing and did what felt good… I was rewarded with returns on my investments beyond my wildest imagination. Hungry for Happiness and Pause Breathwork were built on a series of these instances, me needing to choose abundance over scarcity. Today, we as a company, we uphold this value and prepare our facilitators to charge what they’re worth.

When it comes to investing in anything, but especially in yourself, I ask only that you do one thing: drop into your body and let it decide for you. Don’t allow the scarce mind to make such an important decision. The part of you that makes the decision to invest in your potential is the same part of you that will build an empire to heal the world. Any part that’s scared is simply conditioning we will work to shed through this process.

Are you ready to follow the fire in your belly and serve the world in the way that’s most meaningful to you?

If you’re reading these words, it’s safe to say that you are feeling called to do something different.

You are here for a reason.
You know there’s more to life than hustling for your worth and always being in survival mode. You are a being of light and love and you are meant to live a life that lights you up from the inside out.

You are a healer.
You are a heart-centered lightworker who wants to help others and change the world. Being here is your first step toward doing just that. The act of YOU stepping into your power and giving yourself permission to follow your bliss will have a ripple effect that will enable others to do the same.

Just stop for a minute and think of how amazing it would be to live in a world where:

  • It’s absurd to think that people ever hated their bodies.
  • Following your dreams isn’t a luxury but the norm.
  • Everyone is connected to themselves at a deeper level.
  • The day to day struggle has been replaced by day to day thriving.

This isn’t some far off fantasy…
This is the reality that is waiting for us…
We just need enough lightworkers to step up, own their power, and get to work.
So… wanna help me transform the world?

Apply NOW!

Apply today to save $2,500

“I loved the connections made with other facilitators through this program. To be able to walk into a room of 60 strangers and immediately feel like, “these are my people” was truly mind blowing. I loved the growth that happened, personally and professionally, during this training. It was so much more than gaining confidence in my skills as a facilitator, but as a leader, and holding the vision of who I am. Pause Breathwork taught me what it feels like to come home to yourself.”

Jenell C.

“I am SO happy I trusted my intuition and took the leap to join the Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training. My business has tripled its revenues since I started the program. Pause is going to change the world – I feel it after every session I have with a client. It’s the most powerful healing practice that I’ve experienced. Breathwork is such a powerful tool for me to shift my fears and doubts. Anytime I had anxiety about ANYTHING, I always brought myself back to my breath and I was able to quickly tap into my intuition. I have a greater sense of self, purpose, and clarity in my life because of this practice.”

Tanin Matin

Frequently asked questions

Once I'm trained, what happens next?

After the Facilitator Training, you will have all of the skills and knowledge necessary to start coaching others in breathwork. You will be a confident and skilled facilitator with the expertise to help guide people through a breathwork experience. No matter your financial goals or how you want to deliver content (i.e. running your own retreats or one off workshops/events), you will walk away from the program with a structured plan to achieve your goals.

Where is the training and how long is it?

The program is six months long and delivered completely online. There is pre-work, live video lectures, homework assignments, an online training immersion, and a post mastery training period that will include a practicum.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this training?

We suggest you set aside at least 2-4 hours a week to work on this curriculum.

Who will I be trained by?

You will be trained by Samantha Skelly, the Founder of Pause Breathwork. Samantha will be leading and guiding the training program with the support of her mentors.

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After you complete your application form, you will book a discovery call with a member of our enrollment team to see if this training is the right fit for you!


Apply today to save $2,500

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