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Step #2 to becoming a Pause Breathwork Facilitator, is to schedule a discovery call with one of our expert Pause facilitators. You can expect the call to be very loose, casual, and informal (you can even wear your jammies if you want!) We just want to learn more about you. We’ll chat about your goals, your visions, and your expectations – to see if facilitator training is the right path for you. On the call you will learn more about Pause Facilitator Training, what you can expect from us, and what your next steps on this journey will be.

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Alumni Love

“It has helped me see my therapy clients (who suffer from a lot of past and current trauma) through a new lens. I’m excited to share breathwork with them and to be able to take care of their mental health as well as their physical/somatic health. Being able to incorporate breathwork into my practice will help my clients integrate their healing quicker, gentler, and with greater thoroughness.”

– Teresa Jansen

“I had no idea what to expect coming into this… I’m a super newbie to Breathwork. I just got into it because I felt like it was the right thing to do – to help discover myself and to help others. It really helped me open up and understand myself more as a person, and how to utilize the power of Breathwork to help my clients. If you’re sitting on the edge and not sure if you should do this… it’s time to get off the edge, and just do it! 

– Eric Sage

“Before the Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training, I looked outside of myself for healing. I was addicted to suffering and didn’t trust myself. Learning an in depth approach to facilitating breathwork and really diving into my own personal practice has allowed me to finally see that I am my own healer, and I have everything I need within me. It has been life changing to say the LEAST!”

– Ashley Perl

“Breathwork changed my life the first time I tried it. I was able to get out of my head and let my body do what it needed to do to release stuck emotion and trauma I had stored for years. Through breathwork I have been able to clear away all of the distractions and clutter and see the path that I am meant to walk. When I strip away all of the limiting beliefs, I am able to see and know everything that is possible. Breathwork is not like anything else I have ever done. It is an amazing gift that we all have access to.”

– Kristin Johnson

“My biggest breakthrough I’ve experienced from participating in the training program has been learning that it’s safe to trust myself. During my childhood, I never thought I was good enough or that I was able to trust myself. During a meditative breathwork session, I realized that none of those things that happened to me during my childhood were my fault. It freed me of so much shame, guilt, and pain that I had been holding onto for so long. The more that I keep breathing on my own, the more trust I gain within myself.”

– Montana Aiello

“I have been on a personal development journey for a while, and breathwork is the most powerful tool I have ever come across. It has given me access to shift what impacts my every moment – my energy. Through breathwork, I have been able to access my body’s wisdom in an instant, and I don’t have to rely on anything external. I know that the only thing I have control of in this world is how I live my life, and breathwork has helped me do the inner work to act in alignment with the better version of myself. I now have a powerful tool that I always have access to, and I use it everyday.”

– Kelsey Emmanuel

Already CERTAIN that Pause Facilitator Training is the right path for you? 

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The Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training will be delivered 100% online & is led by Samantha Skelly & her team of expert trainers.

Phase One: The Still

Personal Exploration

The STILL portion of the Facilitator Training takes place in the first month and focuses on personal empowerment and self-reflection. This is a deep dive into fully experiencing your own personal relationship to your body and yourself, which will allow you to start fully embodying all of the practices and techniques you’ll be passing on to your clients. We know that the most successful facilitators truly embody the philosophies they coach.

Phase Two: The Force

Facilitation Mastery

The FORCE portion of the training will take place online when we are 3 months in with Pause Breathwork Founder Samantha Skelly. This part of the program will go through the fundamentals of breathwork and how to effectively facilitate breathwork. Upon completion of this, the facilitator will have everything they need to begin to facilitate Pause Breathwork.

Phase Three: The Practicum

Hands On Client Experience

The PRACTICUM takes place after the The Force. This portion of the program is designed to assist you with gaining hands on client experience. You will have guidance and direction through an exclusive community and will be supported as you facilitate your sessions.

Download the Program Syllabus