Ever had the feeling that your brain was broken? Perhaps the very thing that you think is wrong, is actually your hidden success superpower. In this episode, I am joined by lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author, Chalene Johnson. Chalene and I talk about her experience with ADHD and how it reflects differently in people. We discuss how she stays on top of her game by keeping rituals, boundaries and rules in place and her philosophy for sticking to what’s most important to her.


Inside this episode, Chalene shares:

  • How she preserves her mental health being “in the noise”
  • Your brain isn’t broken, here’s what’s up if your mind won’t stop
  • The stigma around ADHD and how it presents differently in people
  • Chalene’s philosophy for prioritizing what’s important and sticking to it
  • Her rituals, boundaries and guidelines to ensure she is performing at the top of her game
  • How she balances motherhood, her marriage and entrepreneurship

About Chalene Johnson:

Chalene Johnson is a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker, author and New York Times best seller. Chalene is currently a top ranked podcaster with over 65 Million downloads. 

Chalene is known as the Queen of infomercials, with countless top performing shows from 2005 to 2021. Chalene was awarded Best Infomercial of the Year in 2018 as well as Best Infomercial Host. She holds a Guinness Book of World records for having appeared in the most fitness videos and has sold tens of millions of exercise DVDs around the world. 

While her television success earned her great notoriety as a fitness expert, Chalene herself credits her  marketing prowess as the catalyst to her success in a variety of industries.  Chalene has been featured on NBC, ABC, Fox, Good Morning America, The Kelly Ripa show, Success magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and Huffington Post recognized Chalene as one of the “Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch.” Chalene is also the host of 2 popular podcast “The Chalene Show” and “Build Your Trible” with over 70 Million downloads. 

Today Chalene and her husband Bret operate a variety of businesses including online marketing schools with over 10,000 student entrepreneurs and a virtual health and habit coaching program called Phase It Up with over 70,000 members. Chalene and Bret enjoy investing and developing companies aimed at allowing others to live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. 

(Chalene wants you to know that what really matters the most to her is her being a great mom to her children, Brock and Cierra and the best friend to her husband Bret.)

You can find more about Chalene at:

Website | Instagram | Facebook


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