3 Ways to Help Your Clients Move Energy & Raise Their Vibration

Move energy and raise your vibrations

As coaches, healers, and facilitators, we often discern an unseen weight within our clients. This weight is not physical, but energetic – a sense of stagnant energy that clings to their being, impeding their progress toward holistic wellness. 

Over the past decade, I’ve discovered three powerful methods to channel this energy, transforming it from a burden into a catalyst for change. This transformation isn’t about creating or destroying energy but rather harnessing its innate potential to transmute from one state to another. 

From anxiety into excitement, from sadness into contentment – the possibilities are endless. In this blog, we’ll delve into three ways to move energy, including breathwork, an innovative tool in energy work, and explore how it can raise vibrations and facilitate profound energy shifts in your practice.

So let’s dive in!

Three Ways to Help Your Clients Move Energy

1. Movement

The first method for shifting energy is through physical movement. As a coach, healer, or facilitator, encouraging your clients to engage in purposeful movement can help them redirect stagnant energy within their bodies. 

When we move our bodies, we are giving the energy within us the opportunity to bend and twist and be redirected to different parts of our bodies. Moving with purpose allows us to move through the emotions embedded within our bodies.

2. Sound

The second technique utilizes sound to alter the energy’s vibration. By incorporating sound-based practices into your sessions, you can help your clients free up blocked energy, allowing the stagnant parts to move more freely throughout the rest of their bodies. It rebalances their energy to remove blocks and strengthen their energy flow.

3. Breath

Of the three ways to move energy, this is my favorite (you probably already knew this). Why? Because this is the most centering and intimate way of moving the energy. The breath is as close as we can get to our truth, our intuition, and our Self.

When we are practicing breathwork, instead of simply breathing air in and out, we are transforming it to instead move energy. Every exhale we take with the intention of moving energy in our bodies when consciously directed, can be the most powerful and reviving of the three ways to move energy in the body.

As you learn to help your clients breathe deeply and consciously, you help them expand their life force and energy. Breathwork brings life (prana) into the nervous system and strengthens our energy field while clearing out the stagnant and heavy energy that comes from negative and low emotions.

Incorporating Breathwork into Your Professional Toolkit

Starting a breathwork practice for yourself and your clients is super easy and only takes three to five minutes a day. And once you create a habit out of it, you’ll have direct access to one of the top three ways to move energy in your body. A breathwork practice can be as simple as:

  • Two quick breaths in through the nose
  • One quick breath out through the nose
  • Repeat

That repeated for three to five minutes each day will be transformational for you, your body, and your energy. You’ll begin to automatically move energy in your body and notice when your body needs a quick breathwork session to get some new vibrations flowing. Once you’ve mastered it yourself, you’ll be able to support others.


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