What is Somatic Coaching?

You may have heard of somatic coaching but not be entirely sure what it is. Somatic coaching is a type of coaching that uses the body as a tool for transformation and healing. In other words, it’s a way of using your body to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that you can step into your highest self and make changes in your life.

If you’re someone who struggles to connect with your emotions or feels like you’re “stuck” in your head, somatic coaching can be a powerful tool for change. By working with a somatic coach (or becoming a certified somatic coach yourself), you can learn how to use your body to move through difficult emotions and access previously hidden parts of yourself.

Once we liberate ourselves from our minds and tap into the wisdom of our bodies, anything is possible. We have access to our infinite potential. And this is the future of coaching. Mindset work alone is no longer enough. Somatic coaching is the next step in our evolution as human beings, and more and more people are beginning to embrace it as a powerful tool for personal growth. So if you’re looking to make a real change in your life, consider trying somatic coaching today. It helps you to truly embody the changes you want to see in your life and discover what’s possible when your body, mind, and spirit are aligned.

Some of the benefits of Somatic coaching are:


Improved emotional awareness and self-understanding

The somatic approach is based on the belief that our bodies are constantly giving us information about our emotional state. By attending to our bodily sensations, we can become more aware of our emotions and learn how to manage them in a healthy way. Somatic coaching can be an effective tool for improving emotional regulation, managing stress, and reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. 

Greater access to your intuition and inner wisdom

In addition to helping you become more aware of your emotions, somatic coaching can also help you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition. This is because somatic coaching allows you to release your focus from your thoughts and connect more deeply with the wisdom of your body. When you’re able to listen to what your body is telling you, it becomes easier to make decisions that align with your true desires and intentions. Through somatic coaching, you can learn how to tune into your inner guidance system and access deeper levels of insight and understanding.

Enhanced confidence and ability to take action in the direction of your goals

Somatic coaching can also help you to develop greater confidence and motivation, allowing you to take action in the direction of your goals. By tuning in to the wisdom of your body and setting intentions that align with your higher self, you can step into a place of power and clarity where anything seems possible. Somatic coaching helps you harness this energy and move forward with greater confidence and conviction, making it an ideal choice if you’re looking to make real changes in your life and step into leadership.

A shift in perspective that allows you to see challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation

Through somatic coaching, we are able to meet the parts of ourselves that are in pain with love, compassion, and understanding. As a result, we are better able to embrace our challenges and see them as opportunities for growth and transformation. Somatic coaching provides the support needed to navigate difficult emotions and work through painful memories, helping you to develop resilience, self-compassion, and acceptance of all aspects of yourself. With this mindset, it becomes easier to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, leading to greater personal and professional fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Increased feelings of joy, happiness, and wellbeing

At its core, Somatic coaching is about cultivating greater levels of joy, happiness, and well-being in our lives. By tuning into the wisdom of your body and tapping into your true potential, you can gain a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life. This allows you to experience greater levels of joy, happiness, and overall well-being. It also helps you shed limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and emotional blocks, creating the space for your true nature to emerge and blossom.

Greater connection to yourself and others, both physically and emotionally

Overall, Somatic coaching is a powerful tool for helping you develop a greater connection with yourself and others. Not only does it allow you to tap into the wisdom of your body and access deeper levels of intuition, but it also helps you develop greater awareness of your emotions and cultivate more compassion and understanding towards yourself and others. This can lead to increased feelings of intimacy and connection, both physically and emotionally, which can have a transformative effect on all areas of your life.

Better physical health and vitality as you learn to listen to your body’s needs and take care of yourself more fully

In addition to its many mental and emotional benefits, somatic coaching can also help you develop a greater sense of physical health and vitality. This is because it teaches you to listen more deeply to your body’s needs and take care of yourself more fully by eating well, getting enough sleep and exercise, and making other lifestyle changes that support optimal wellness. With somatic coaching, you can develop a deeper connection to the wisdom and intelligence of your body, helping you live a richer and more fulfilling life both now and as your future self.

How Does Somatic Coaching Work?

Somatic coaching works by helping you to develop a deeper awareness of your body and how it stores information. Our bodies are constantly giving us information about our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but we often aren’t aware of it. That’s because we’re so used to numbing or masking our true feelings with food, drugs, or other unhealthy habits. Somatic coaching helps you tune into the wisdom of your body and tap into its innate healing potential.

Through somatic coaching, you learn to tune into your body’s needs and respond with greater awareness and compassion. This includes listening to the messages of pain, discomfort, or illness that may be telling you that something is out of balance or needs attention. Somatic coaching also involves working through painful memories and uncomfortable emotions, helping you break free from unhealthy patterns or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Ultimately, somatic coaching helps you develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-compassion, cultivating feelings of wellbeing and happiness in your life. Whether you’re looking for greater self-understanding, healing from past trauma, or personal growth, somatic coaching can help you unlock your true potential and live a richer, more fulfilling life.

Some of the techniques somatic coaches use are:



Breathwork is something we’re obsessed with here at Pause Breathwork (obviously). And that’s because it’s one of the most powerful tools we have access to to help us drop out of our heads and into our bodies. Somatic coaches often use breathwork in their coaching sessions to help clients tap into the wisdom of their bodies and deepen their intuitive connection.


Sounding is another powerful tool that somatic coaches use to help their clients connect with the wisdom of their bodies. Sounding involves feeling the sensations in the body and expressing them through authentic sounds with the voice. Somatic coaches often also encourage clients to use sound to express their emotions to help them release tension, stuck energy, and stress in the body. This can look like primal guttural sounds, laughing, crying, or heck, even screaming and swearing into a pillow.


In addition to breathwork and sounding, somatic coaches also often incorporate movement and meditation into their coaching sessions. These practices help you get out of your head, release tension in the body, and connect more deeply with the feelings that are arising. Somatic coaches will often guide clients through various movements or meditations that can help them tap into their body’s natural wisdom and instincts, helping them find greater peace, healing, and transformation.


Somatic coaches also often use gentle touch to help their clients connect with the wisdom of their bodies. This can include everything from nurturing, healing touch during breathwork or meditation, to specific muscle-release techniques that help you release deep tension and stress held in the body. Or if a somatic session is being held online, then the coach may support you to place your hands on your own body to deepen your awareness and connection to yourself.

To wrap it up…

As you can see, somatic coaching is a powerful tool that can help you develop a deeper, more intuitive connection to your body, mind, and soul. Whether you’re looking for self-growth, healing from past trauma or pain, or simply want to better understand your emotions and intuition, somatic coaching can help you tap into the wisdom of your body and find greater fulfillment in your life.

It can also help you release what’s no longer serving you and step into the version of you that you know you came here to be. It’s one of the most powerful methods of transformation that works long-term because it gets to the root of your pain and heals you at a much deeper level. So if you’re ready to explore the possibilities of somatic coaching for yourself, or you’re ready to uplevel your coaching skills and take your clients even deeper, then check out our Somatic Coaching Certification Program. With this program, you’ll learn all the skills you need to help your clients find more joy, happiness, and liberation in their lives. To learn more about it, click here now.


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