6 Ways to Make Money as a Breathwork Facilitator

If you’re reading this post, it tells me two things… that you’re curious about becoming a breathwork facilitator and you want to know if you can actually get paid to do what you love. And the short answer is — YES, of course!

Making money as a breathwork facilitator can be such a fulfilling and rewarding career. Not only does it allow you to connect with people on a deeper level, but it also provides you with a way to support yourself financially in a way that fuels your soul. In this blog post, I will share with you 6 ways to make money as a breathwork facilitator.

But first, I want to back up this claim with some inspiration from our community! At the time of writing this post, our company, Pause Breathwork, has certified over a thousand people to become masterful breathwork facilitators. Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful breathwork can be, both for my own transformation and that of our students and their clients. And with that experience comes real, lasting results, which has created a whole lot of faith and KNOWING that you absolutely can make a great living.

Breathwork is so powerful and works so well that some of our alums have seen a massive jump in demand for their services once word spreads. In fact, some of our alum are making up to $50,000 a month — a MONTH. That’s banana land where we come from.

There are a few reasons why we see success like this in our students:

1. We train you to become MASTERFUL in the art and science of breathwork facilitation.

So when you graduate from the program, you radiate confidence in your facilitation style, and clients can’t help but be drawn to you. You feel empowered to serve, and you KNOW on a deep level that what you offer works to create lasting transformation.

2. We provide ongoing support and guidance.

We continue to offer guidance and updated training materials long after you graduate from the program. As you start building your business, you can reach out to our community for help, and someone will be there to support you.

3. You go on your own healing journey first and transform impostor syndrome.

As you’re going through the program and immersing yourself in the teachings, you can break through any resistance that has been holding you back from stepping into full confidence. The nature of this work goes beyond relying on what you “know” — the transformation you offer lives in your own body, cells, and energy. And with that wisdom, you can guide your clients on their own embodied journeys. The client’s body becomes the instrument for transformation, which is something you don’t get with traditional talk therapy or mindset coaching, which is usually just a transfer of knowledge.

Now that we’ve discussed WHY making money as a breathwork facilitator is totally possible, let’s dive into the 6 ways you can make money after getting certified!

1) Private Sessions

If you LOVE working in an intimate way and going deeeeep with just one person at a time, then private 1:1 breathwork sessions are a great way to offer your services. This is a high-touch, highly valuable offer that can be life-changing for your clients.

Not only that, but you can design your 1:1 packages in a way that works for YOU. Some of our alums love the location independence that comes with working online, which allows them to travel whenever they want. Other Alums love the energy of being in person where they can offer healing touch or a warm, supportive environment. You can invite clients to come to you or even go to them.

Regardless of how you set up your private sessions, 1:1 is a great way to create deep impact, deep intimacy, and highly-personalized results with just one person at a time. The great thing about this is you don’t need to have a huge following or network to get clients. You can start immediately with your personal network and grow your business as you go! Plus, you can set up an easy word-of-mouth referral bonus.

2. Group Sessions

Maybe you’re someone who really loves and thrives off group energy instead of one-to-one. In that case, group breathwork sessions are another great way to offer breathwork facilitation.

These groups provide a unique opportunity for transformation as participants often experience profound shifts from the collective energy in the room. With group sessions, you can also serve more people in a shorter time.

This could look like doing monthly or weekly classes at your local yoga studio or creating a 3-12 month group breathwork coaching program (taught online or in person). The possibilities are endless.

Plus, group breathwork sessions are great for building community and deepening client relationships. Many students have found that once they offer these groups, their private client base also grows!

3. Memberships Sites

Some of our alumni are building their businesses to support their ideal lifestyle, meaning they don’t want to trade time for money. In this case, they’ve gone down the path of creating an online membership site. This looks like creating new pre-recorded content each month and then uploading it to an online portal. Their members pay a small fee between $25-$100 a month to get access to these breathwork videos and audios, and they can go through the content at their own pace.

Some of our Alumns have chosen this path because they are at a place where they value time freedom. For example, moms with young kids or people with full-time jobs who just want to teach breathwork on the side. This way, you make money each month without sacrificing your time with your loved ones, and you can build up something that feels more passive and automated.

4. Retreats

Are you someone who loves creating powerful in-personal experiences for others? If this is you, planning breathwork retreats could be the perfect way for you to make money as a breather facilitator. There is something special about the energy of being in a group together and going on an adventure.

Some of our Alumns only offer retreats because they want nothing to do with the online space. They do one retreat every single month, so twelve a year, and that’s their business model.

Retreats can span from 1-2 days all the way to full weeks. They can all be at the same location, or you can travel to a bunch of different destinations. This could look like a group of 12-20 people who all pay a couple thousand dollars to come to your retreat. Most of the time, it’s all-inclusive (not including flights), meaning the breathwork, meals, accommodations, and all activities are taken care of in the price. This is how this business model works.

If you are someone who really values that in-person connection and community, there’s really, truly nothing like the feeling of leaving a breathwork retreat. You can make great money by offering these experiences, and people often make incredible breakthroughs in a supportive setting surrounded by nature or luxury.

Plus, there’s something special about getting away from everyday life and coming together for an immersive experience to reconnect with ourselves and others. Retreats can be incredibly life-changing for your participants, and you will make a massive impact!

(This is something I did A LOT when I started my career, and it’s something I’m getting back into because I miss it so much, and it’s SO rewarding).

5) Corporate Events & Wellness Programs

Another way of making money as a breathwork facilitator is doing corporate breathwork. Many HR departments are looking for wellness leaders and facilitators to come into their companies and support their employees with productivity, happiness, and fulfillment. Organizations recognize the power of breathwork and its ability to reduce stress, cultivate resilience, and improve performance in their workforces. This is an incredible opportunity for breathwork facilitators to make money and spread more healing to the world!

As a breathwork facilitator, you can create relationships with people at large corporations or small businesses in your local neighborhood. You can offer workshops and seminars or even make yourself available to run weekly sessions, quarterly retreats, or day-long workshops. This is a great way to make money without creating your own programs or filling up lots of spots in an online course. Plus, it allows you to spread the word about breathwork beyond your private clients or social bubbles.

We’ve seen several Pause Breathwork Alums who left corporate America because they were burnt out, empty, and unfulfilled. Only then to come into our program, change their own life, and then bring that medicine back into the corporate world so they can create the healthy environment they wish they had.

6) Community Outreach Programs

Finally, another way to make money as a breathwork facilitator is through community outreach programs. Many people have created powerful initiatives and foundations to bring breathwork into underserved communities, such as prisons, homeless shelters, addiction clinics, and more.

This is something that I have done in different capacities and still do today. I’ve taught breathwork to people who struggle with addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, and veterans. These types of projects are incredibly rewarding, and the income potential varies depending on the type of project and the organization you’re working with.

No matter what path you choose to make money as a breathwork facilitator, remember that it is always possible to make an impact and make money at the same time. Breathwork is powerful medicine, and many of us are here to make sure that it’s accessible to everyone who needs

To wrap it up…

No matter which of the above options excites you, you absolutely CAN make money as a breathwork facilitator. All it takes is dedication and commitment to make your dream of becoming a breathwork facilitator come true. 

Our Pause Breathwork Facilitator Program is here to ensure you have the training, tools, frameworks, and absolutely everything you need to become a masterful and embodied facilitator so that when you graduate from the training, you have no resistance to making money doing what you LOVE.

You’ll be able to go out into the world, spread your message and spiritual gifts, and do it in a way that feels most aligned and authentic to you.

So if that’s your next step, what are you waiting for? Follow the calling towards becoming a breathwork facilitator today and book a breakthrough call with the Pause Breathwork Team.


We can’t wait to see the profound impact you make in this world!

With love,

Sam + The Pause Breathwork Team.

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