You can feel when there’s energy stuck in your body. It’s like this additional weight that you’re carrying around. You can feel it all around you, all the time. Over the years, I’ve found three ways to move energy that works best for me and the clients I’ve worked with over the last decade.

Moving your energy is about getting stuck and stagnant energies flowing, moving, and grooving to new parts of your body. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. What does that mean in regards to the three ways to move energy? That the energy inside of you can only do one thing: be transformed into something else. When you’re feeling anxious, we can use that and turn it into excitement. When you’re feeling sad, we can use that and turn it into contentment. And the energy transference continues.

Three Ways to Move Energy

The three ways to move energy are through:


When you move your body, you are giving the energy within you the opportunity to bend and twist and be redirected to different parts of your body. Moving with purpose allows you to move through the emotions embedded within your body.


When you move your energy through sound, you are changing the vibration of the energy and allowing the stagnant parts to move more freely throughout the rest of your body. It rebalances your energy to remove blocks and strengthen your energy flow.


Of the three ways to move energy, this is my favorite (you probably already knew this). Why? Because this is the most centering and intimate way of moving energy. Your breath is as close as you can get to your truth, your intuition, and your Self.

three ways to move energy

When you are practicing breathwork, instead of simply breathing air in and out, you are transforming it to instead move energy. Every exhale you take with the intention of moving energy in your body, when consciously directed, can be the most powerful and reviving of the three ways to move energy in your body.

As you learn to breathe deeply and consciously, you expand your life force and energy. Breathwork brings life (prana) into your nervous system and strengthens your energy field while clearing out the stagnant and heavy energy that comes from negative and low emotions.

Using Breathwork

Starting a breathwork practice is super easy and only takes three to five minutes a day. And once you create a habit out of it, you’ll have direct access to one of the top three ways to move energy in your body. Your breathwork practice can be as simple as:

  • Two quick breaths in through the nose
  • One quick breath out through the nose
  • Repeat

That repeated for three to five minutes each day will be transformational for you, your body, and your energy. You’ll begin to automatically move energy in your body and notice when your body needs a quick breathwork session to get some new vibrations flowing.

If you want some extra support in getting started with your own breathwork practice, check out the Pause Breathwork audio I recorded. It’s yours for free with the link below.

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