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Take a deep breath in. Go ahead. Hold it. And release. The most important thing about our day is often the thing we ignore. Our breath is our powerline, why then do we spend so little time acknowledging its power? Breathwork has an insane amount of benefits, more than I could ever mention, and more […]

Welcome To The Challenge Watch this quick video to get started! Upgrade to VIP Access for the Ultimate Challenge Experience! We’re giving you a special, One-Time-Only Offer for a select few for the VIP experience for anyone who wants to get a behind the scenes, unscripted, backstage access pass to Sam. Upgrade to VIP Challenge […]

Emotional suffering is a phase all of us humans have gone through or will go through at some point in our lives.  Going through life with all the responsibilities on our shoulders and the ups and downs life has to offer, it is inevitable that we suffer emotionally. Being a natural order doesn’t mean we […]

From the pandemic to readjusting to “normal”. From school to juggling housework, keeping up with the kids, and working a full-time job, it’s proved to be a very difficult time to handle stress – for some of us. But lucky for us, there are literally dozens of methods out there to help us relieve stress.  […]