We are Hiring

Hello beautiful human! GUESS WHAT…ย 

Pause…wait for it…


(You probably guessed right though, didn’t you? )


Here at Pause, we envision a world where everyone has the awareness and knowledge to be able to clear stress and anxiety through breath alone, to help activate deeper states of peace, clarity, freedom, flow, bliss, and happiness.

And those values are infused into the way we do work too!

Let’s see if you’re the perfect fit for the Pause Family:

  • Do you want to contribute to a positive mission that helps elevate human consciousness through the power of breathwork, energy, embodiment, self-healing, and love?
  • Are you looking for the ability to work from anywhere with flexible work hours?
  • Do you consider yourself excellent at the role you’re applying for, and PASSIONATE about what you do?

If you answered YES to a bunch of those questions then you may be exactly who we’re looking for.

If you feel called to join our mission, here are some of the positions we have open at the moment that could bring YOU into the Pause Universe. If there is not a direct match, but you absolutely want to join the team at some point, feel free to submit an Open application.

We look forward to hearing from you if it feels aligned!




There are no open positions at the moment



There are no open Marketing positions at the moment



There are no open Delivery positions at the moment



There are no open Sales positions at the moment

Open Application

At Pause, we simply love to welcome and invite new talent to join our amazing team.

If you feel called, but you don’t see a direct match with your skills in the above positions, feel free to submit an Open Application letter, highlighting your talent, skills, experience and why You would be such a great fit to be the next Pauser on the team.

We will be more than happy to review your application and let you know as soon as something comes up that suits your skillset

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