Alkalize Your Body with Breath

We hear it all the time, balance is the key to everything. And too much of anything is too much. And, well, it’s true. Our bodies are constantly searching for balance and in that balance, there is always an internal need to alkalize the body. We have biological happenings taking place in our bodies every single moment that manages everything from the levels of our hormones to the levels of our alkalinity and acidity. 

Alkalize Your Body vs Acidify Your Body

Your body being in an alkaline state versus an acidic state starts with the food that you’re consuming. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ And I’m telling you — it’s true. What you put inside of your body has a HUGE impact on the internal pH of your body. That pH can shift between alkaline and acidic, which means your body is the one who has to deal with the shifts while trying to restore and maintain your natural balance. In other words, when you’re putting things into your body that make you too acidic, you’re making it harder for your body to naturally alkalize and bring you back to balance.

Here’s a fun fact: foods like dairy, coffee, and fish are acid-forming foods. So if you’re consuming too much dairy, drinking too much coffee, or eating too much fish, your body is going to be much more acidic. But if you’re eating foods that are alkaline, think greens and herbs, your body is going to be much more alkaline. 

Stress and Alkalinity 

Stress also has a major impact on your body’s alkalinity. When your body is experiencing stress, you usually breathe much more shallowly. When you’re breathing this way, you never really take a full (life filled) breath into your lungs. You’re just taking shorter, faster, quicker breaths. These shallow breaths make it so you aren’t getting rid of all the carbon dioxide that you should be from your lungs, which causes a build-up (sounds gross, I know). You make it harder on your body to maintain a balanced pH when you increase your acidic intake (ie: eating too many foods that are high in acidity), which is the opposite of what you want when you’re trying to alkalize your body. 

Basically, shallow breathing means that you’re stressed out. And your body takes this information and begins to produce more cortisol (aka stress) hormones that build toxins in your blood, which leads to a more acidic body. Are you picking up what I’m putting down here? 

Alkalize Your Body with Breath

When you bring more oxygen into your body, by taking five deep breaths or incorporating a breathwork practice into your daily routine, you are putting more oxygen into your body which helps it clean out your system. The less carbon dioxide in our system, the less acidic your body is. And by bringing down the acidity in your body, you are able to maintain a healthier pH.

When you’re being mindful of what you’re putting into your body, instead of making your body work harder to process any acidic foods you eat, you are helping your body find balance. And when you are mindful of your breathing, you are only adding to that process by bringing more oxygen into the bloodstream and negating any harmful toxins that come from stress!

Along with the countless benefits that breathwork affords, the way you breathe also makes a huge difference in your body being acidic or alkaline. When you breathe deeper, you alkalize your body. When you breathe shallow, you trap more carbon dioxide in your blood, which makes you acidic. 

Free Breathwork

If 70% of the toxins in your body get removed by the lungs via your breathing, don’t you think your breath is something you need to pay closer attention to? When you oxygenate your body with steady, deep breaths, you increase your alkalinity. So, click below for our free Pause Breathwork session so you can get to breathing and alkalizing.