What we know to be true is the fact that breathwork for energy is a real thing. On one of their blogs, Real Simple mentions that you can indeed get energy boosts from deep breathing. Get this — shallow breathing prevents the body from getting all the oxygen that it needs to function properly and well. Most people are constantly failing to breathe deeply which makes them feel tense and stress-filled. I know I’ve felt it — that midday sluggish feeling comes around. Maybe you had a great start to your day, but you can’t help but shake the feeling of needing another cup of coffee or more food to pump up your energy. All options that aren’t necessarily the best for your health.

Breathwork for energy and revitalization

Andrew Weil, M.D., author of the book Healthy Aging, also mentioned that “The general principles of correct breathing are to make it deeper, slower, quieter, and more regular.” This will, in turn, bring more oxygen into your cells, slowing heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, and improving circulation. In other words, breathwork for energy is your best option at revitalizing throughout the day. 

In perspective, your whole life, from the start to the end, is all encompassed by the breath. It promotes good health, increased energy, and a sane mind. Practice controlling your breath leads to practice controlling your mind. Breathwork for energy is an ancient practice that can improve your life in more ways than one. And as Calm Botanicals mentioned in a blog article, “Breathing forms the fabric of our existence and is an extremely valuable tool for improved energy.” We are our breath and without it, we would cease to exist. So, the importance of acknowledging the power that it holds is crucial to tapping into our access to infinite energy.

Breathwork is an exchange that takes place at a molecular level within your body. Energy enters and leaves the bloodstream and is supercharged when you engage in breathwork practices. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine mentions on their blog that the molecules that take part in the energetic exchanges happening within the body “are made up of smaller units of energy called atoms; and atoms are constructed of even smaller bits of energy referred to as subatomic particles, which are actually not particles at all. We can dissect life (as we know it) down to the isolation of energy bouncing back and forth between what appears to be a particle and what appears to be a wave depending on how it is observed.”

Our cells depend on our breath

In the article, the reason that, according to Daoist and Hindu philosophies, our atoms don’t require food. Rather, cells extract their energy through the air we breathe and the food we eat. Fact check: metabolism is the way that your body transforms food into energy by changing its molecular structure. As Conscious Lifestyle magazine puts it, “The process of metabolism is like a fire. Without air, a fire will go out; breathing fans the flames of the internal cellular fire with fresh oxygen and other gasses that create heat and transformation in the body.”

In other words, when you use breathwork for energy, you’re engaging in an ancient and effective way to supercharge your body (which leads to the recharging of your mind).

Detoxify and renew

When you think about the benefits of breathwork, it’s so insanely easy to see why this practice is important for your health and happiness. It’s the access way into unlimited energy and vibrant living. With breathwork, you are literally pumping your lungs, heart, and entire body with energy and with life (essentially the same thing). When you exhale during breathwork, you are detoxifying and alkalizing your body eliminating the toxins that cause fatigue through the circulatory system.

Breathing is the most natural thing we do

Every cell in our bodies needs oxygen to function properly — it’s a scientific fact. And breathing is the most natural thing that our bodies can do. When we are tapped in and turned on to its healing powers, we can utilize it to create more ease and balance in our lives. When we take intentional moments to focus on our breath, we give ourselves the space to pause and detach from the daily struggles of ‘being human’ with all of its stresses and emotions. The truth of our nature as human beings is that we are meant to thrive. We weren’t designed for stress. And breathwork for energy is a way to tap into the unlimited supplies of vitality that was gifted to us when we began our human experience. 

Your human life began when you took your first breath and it will end when you take your last. It may seem obvious, but this truth helps set the direction for what is important and what isn’t in our lives. Breathwork for energy is one thing — breathwork for life is another. Breathing too shallow can create an energetic imbalance within your system which leads to anxiety and depression. We have the choice to create balance by balancing our breath. When we practice breathwork, we can begin to rewire and re-energize the body and deepen our ability to experience abundant health.


In Ayurvedic practices, the traditional Hindu system of medicine, the use of breath control is called pranayama. It’s used to balance and enhance “prana” (meaning life force in Ayurveda). Some yogi practitioners even share that pranayama can help you achieve higher levels of consciousness and change your life. It’s a practice of revitalizing your mind and body

During the times in which we focus on the breath, we return to our neutral states of being, gain clarity about our path and vision, rejuvenate our minds and bodies, and enhance our sense of well being. And with this knowledge, and our free Pause Breathwork audio session, you can be well on your way to inviting this practice into your life and harnessing breathwork for energy.

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