Breathwork for Stress

We’re living in some high-stress situations nowadays. The revolution of the people seems to be coming faster than any of us would have imagined. And throughout all of this, I hope for two things, that you’re supporting the community of People of Color and taking care of yourself.

Stress alleviation can sometimes be diluted with false claims of what works and what doesn’t. But over the last decade, I’ve found one thing to help manage it all. Breathwork for stress is a way to not only reduce your stress, but it can also lower your body’s fear response, make you more effective cognitively, and improve your memory. Aren’t these reasons enough to give it a try?!

I can hear it now, you’ve tried yoga, you’ve tried meditation, you’ve tried the retreats… But none of them seem to deliver on the promises that they make, relieving stress. Or maybe they help for only a moment. Here’s the truth, breathwork is something that you’ve never tried before. At least, the breathwork that we teach here at Pause.

Breathwork for Stress

Breath is another word for pranayama, which means ‘to extend the vital life force.’ And when you transform your breath, you also transform your state of mind. In my experience of facilitating breathwork, I’ve seen it treat people struggling with things from insomnia, pain (both physical and emotional), anxiety, depression (it helped me with my own depression and anxiety), and stress. 

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that breathwork for stress is one of the biggest reasons I see people come into this practice. Again and again, the clients that come through the Pause Breathwork program are leaving with increased focus, reduced stress and anxiety, and peace.

An Important Tool

When you’re connected with your true Self, your job as a human becomes easier. We’re here to explore the depths of knowledge and truth, not to be stressed, pay bills, and die. What a vicious cycle that is… When you are in alignment, it becomes easier to clearly see what is not your true Self. Breathwork is an important tool to help you elevate to a greater connection with the Self. You are essentially shining a bright light on all the parts within you and reducing the distance between you and ultimately a happier life.

Breathwork for stress, anxiety, focus, and clarity are great benefits. But when you dig deeper into the practice, you’ll find that the benefits far exceed just these. Breathwork is a beautiful way to become more in touch with your mind, body, and spirit. When you’re using your breath in a conscious way, you are anchoring yourself in the present moment. When you do that, you are able to fully experience the energy of your emotions (especially the ones that may make you feel uncomfortable).

Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan has a great post about breathwork for stress and relaxation. Stress is part of life and we all face it on a regular basis in our relationships, at work, running around all day, in the car. While we have known about stress and the bad rep that comes with it, we are only recently catching up to what ancient Eastern traditions have known for centuries: changing our breathing pattern relieves stress and leads to a healthier state of being.

More Accessible Than Meditation

Breathwork before meditation has been an incredible addition to my practice. I couldn’t, for the life of me, get my mind to stop. But when I began to incorporate breathwork into my practice, everything changed. Breathwork drops you straight out of your mind and into your body, exactly where you need to be before you begin your meditation practice. 

Breathwork for stress is only the beginning. There are more and more studies coming out that are proving breathwork is a huge help in managing depression, sleep, happiness, and wellbeing. 

The truth is right in front of us. If you have yet to try breathwork, or maybe you have, here’s a free gift. A breathwork session you can take with you and practice daily.

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