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Breathwork for Anxiety vs Depression – Which Breath Pattern Is Best For You?

Breathwork works for everybody and every system. However, not all breath patterns are created equal. And the breathwork pattern that will work best for YOU and YOUR system completely depends on your unique survival strategies and coping mechanisms.  For example, a person whose system is anxious needs to practice a breath pattern technique completely different from the technique that a depressed system […]

How To Use Breathwork To Release Stuck Emotions & Energy In The Body

Learn how to harness the power of breathwork to help you eliminate buried trauma, anxiety, depression, and fear. Plus join me as I walk you through a 2-minute breathing technique that will help ground you and bring you back to center.

Radical Self-Care With Breathwork

It’s time for a moment of radical self-care with breathwork. You’ve been busy this year. Like… REALLY busy. From caring for others to speaking out and having your voice heard to handling 2020 in general (enough said). All of this outpouring of energy can take a huge toll on your mind, body, and soul if […]