Stress release

#1 Healing Modality: Trauma Clearing Breathwork

Take a deep breath in. Go ahead. Hold it. And release. The most important thing about our day is often the thing we ignore. Our breath is our powerline, why then do we spend so little time acknowledging its power? Breathwork has an insane amount of benefits, more than I could ever mention, and more […]

Anxiety and Breathing

Anxiety and breathing have long been grouped together. Your breath is an indicator of your mood. If your breathing is shallow, you’re likely stressed. If you’re breathing is deep and even, you’re likely flowing through life. Breathing is a major part of life. I mean, c’mon — you’d be dead without it. THOUGH I have […]

Breathwork for Manifestation

Your breath is one of the most powerful ways to connect your mind, body, and heart. And in this state, you shift your energy to a higher vibration. The deeper you breathe, the more your mind relaxes, and the closer you are to truth. Breathwork for manifestation is a matter of connecting with your highest […]