Breathwork Training

Become an Expert-Level Trauma Aware Breathwork Facilitator

Are you ready to say YES to the soulful career and lifestyle of your dreams?

Who’s this Breathwork Certification Program for?

You know there’s more to life than trading your soul for the 9-5 grind…

And you’re ready to take your healing deeper and reduce stress and anxiety now.
You may be feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, disconnected from yourself and Source, and not quite sure what your purpose is (but you know you’re meant for MORE!).
Some part of you knows you’re meant to be a healer, but you’re not quite sure what that looks like yet.
There’s just a whisper in your heart calling you to take the next step… Calling you to follow your intuition and your “full-body YES”.

Are you going to be brave enough to follow it?

Or, maybe you’re already a wellness professional, coach, or therapist who wants to make a bigger impact and reach more people…

But you may feel stuck and like you’re not reaching your full potential.

You’ve been using a top-down mindset approach with clients, but it’s just not creating LASTING results.

With breathwork, you know you could take your clients even DEEPER to experience powerful lasting, rapid transformation!

No matter who you are, you’re here for a reason…

You desire MORE. There’s a calling and whisper from within.

You’re ready to follow the soul-led path and become the lightworker you came here to be. You’re ready to help others heal and change the world.

And the fire in your belly’s lit to step into YOUR infinite potential!

Is this resonating?

If so, I know you have what it takes to step into leadership and create MASSIVE positive change.

Being here is your first step toward doing just that. The act of YOU stepping into your power and giving yourself permission to follow your bliss will have a ripple effect that will enable others to do the same.

When you learn how to do breathwork to heal yourself, you can confidently support others on their healing journeys too.

Not only that, but you can make an abundant living and feel completely financially free by offering this work to others.

It’s possible to make a positive difference in people’s lives, do work that lights you up, AND make a lot of money at the same time.

Are you ready to follow the calling in your soul and serve the world in the way that’s most meaningful to you?

You’ll be able to do exactly that after going through the Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training!

Hear from our students…

I have been on a personal development journey for a while, and breathwork is the most powerful tool I have ever come across. 

Kelsey Emmanuel

Breathwork changed my life the first time I tried it. I was able to get out of my head and let my body do what it needed to do to release stuck emotion and trauma I had stored for years.

Kristin Johnson

It has helped me see my therapy clients (who suffer from a lot of past and current trauma) through a new lens.

Teresa Jansen

The Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training Program is a 6 month journey to become a MASTERFUL certified breathwork facilitator.

It’s expertly designed to give you the personal growth & skill set to become a powerful facilitator that knows how to change the world.

It goes beyond cognitive (mind-based) therapy, and helps people heal on a deep somatic (body-based) level.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone who’s tried everything from meditation, medication, talk-based therapy, or mindset work only to find those methods only scratch the surface and haven’t created the sustainable change they desire.

Breathwork is for those who want to dive DEEPER within themselves, and take their clients deeper too as a result.

Sound like you?

What Makes Pause Different?

A Focus on Your Own Healing First

What takes someone from being a mediocre facilitator to a masterful one is their own integration and embodiment. At Pause, the first 3 months of your training will be for your own healing and growth, so that you can become a living, breathing example of this work.

We Are Mission-Centered

Our mission at Pause Breathwork is to increase human consciousness and decrease suffering through the power of breathwork. The goal here is to wake the world up to our infinite potential. Everything we do at Pause is aligned with this clear mission.

We Teach From a Trauma-Informed Lens

We Teach From a
Trauma-Aware Lens

Creating safer and more inclusive containers is foundational to how we train new breathwork facilitators. Our curriculum is trauma-aware and our staff embody these principles. You will graduate the program as a Trauma-Aware Pause Breathwork Facilitator.

We Focus on
Results-Based Journeys

Unlike other schools of breathwork that are focused on general sessions, Pause Breathwork is designed to create focus and direction within breathwork and self-healing. We set a specific intention for each session which helps influence healing towards a desired outcome. We have a desired outcome of the session and create the session to optimize for the particular need.

We Are Mission-Centered

How Is The Training Delivered?

The Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training will be delivered 100% online with both LIVE and pre-recorded content. It’s led by Samantha Skelly and her team of expert trainers.

And there is plenty of human connection and support!

There are three phases you will go through in the program:

Meet Your Support Team


Founder & Head Facilitator

Introducing, Samantha Skelly – a powerhouse entrepreneur, international best selling author, sought after international speaker, host of The Can’t Be Contained Podcast & Founder of the world’s leading breathwork brand, Pause Breathwork. 

For over a decade Samantha has made a significant impact in the world of spiritual & personal transformation. Her trauma-informed approach to healing and awakening through the power of breathwork has changed the lives of over 500,00 people & counting. Her mission advances through training & certifying people to become breathwork facilitators & through her innovation mobile app – Pause Breathwork. 

Samantha has shared the stage with inspirational leaders such as Tony Robbins, Kobe Bryant, Marie Forleo & Marianne Williamson. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Women’s Health, Global TV, The Doctors & CBS.


Experience Lead

Meet Marci!  She’s the Experience Lead for Pause Delivery.  

Energy is EVERYTHING and Marc continues to take energetics to the next level.  Being a student is her passion and teaching is her drive.

Marc is a Trauma Informed Breathwork Coach, Integrative Somatic Trauma Practicioner, International Akashic Record Reader, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher/Student and Human Design Coach.

She’s studied under the Embody Lab, Pause, Ashley Wood (A Line Within), Christine Core and Jakclyn Shaw (For the Wild Femme).

Doing personal development work for the past 15-20 years. Her mission is truly about guiding humans back into the divinity of who they are by bridging the gap between the spiritual vibration and the dense 3D reality.  She supports her mission by merging body based modalities with energetics.



Laurie Anne is a trauma healing practitioner, Transforming Touch® Therapist, educator, and student of Somatic Experiencing®.

Her mission is to support humans in reconnecting with the body’s primary language, the language of sensation and emotion, so they can expand their nervous system capacity, cultivate a felt sense of safety, and experience more joy and presence. She trusts that given the right space, time, support, and permission, our bodies can complete the responses that might have been thwarted.

After studying birth psychology, childbirth education, and interpersonal neurobiology, she now specializes in working somatically with pre- and perinatal trauma to support the healing of our earliest imprints. Healing early trauma allows us to move through the world feeling safe, protected, seen, heard, and loved. Her approach is trauma-informed, strength-based, and attachment-based. 

Meghan Sandve

Breathwork Mentor

Meghan is a Clinical Physiologist, Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator, and an Integrative SomaticTrauma Therapy Practitioner. Her mission is to support others in connecting back to themselves. Guiding them to their inner intellectual, emotional, and physical intelligence with a blend of body based and energy practices.
She believes there is no greater offering than creating a safe and sacred space for others to be heard and seen. A space with full permission to show up, as you are, fully. After all, you, beautiful soul, are your own medicine.

Renee Boatman

Breathwork Mentor

Renee is an Advanced Energetic Breathwork Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Somatic Healing Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Level 2 Attuned Reiki Practitioner. Her journey in these modalities has been a profound exploration of the mind-body connection and the transformative power of energy work.
Her passion lies in guiding others through their inner landscapes, helping them release the grip of trauma and stuck energy that holds them back from being fully present and centered in the now. With a deep commitment to trauma-informed practices, she creates safe and nurturing spaces where individuals can journey inward and reconnect with their innate healing capacities.
Whether it’s through breathwork, somatic coaching, yoga, or Reiki, she believes in the wisdom of the body and the importance of honoring its sensations and intuition.
“By allowing these inner cues to guide us, we can unlock profound states of liberation and empowerment.”

What will you be able to do with this Breathwork Teacher Training?

This training will certify you to...

Use the Pause Breathwork Technique developed by Samantha Skelly to guide your clients through effective healing and transformation.

Facilitate breathwork with 1:1 clients & group settings, online & in person.

Facilitate breathwork in a responsible, trauma-aware way.


Breathwork Retreats

You’ll be able to host safe, supportive retreats that offer deep immersion experiences for your clients so they can disconnect from the outside world and rediscover the magic that lives within. Retreats are deeply healing, transformational, and relaxing.

Corporate Facilitation

Work with corporate entities to bring the power of breathwork into more traditional work settings. As society continues to acknowledge the benefits of self-care and alternative healing, there’s a growing opportunity to work with larger companies to facilitate breathwork as a means of employee care, alignment, and retention.

Workshops & Events

You can reach a wider audience by hosting workshops both in person and online. These events can reach people outside of your traditional audience and help introduce a wide range of people to the power of breathwork. Events and workshops are also great for building your professional network and community!

Community Events

Perhaps you don’t want to create a business out of breathwork, but instead use this body of work to create community, connection, and healing within your own local community. This training will give you the skills to be able to effectively gather with a group unfamiliar to breathwork and facilitate an experience for them.

Breathwork Training

What’s Included?

Here’s what the program looks like broken down into all the support you get: 

+ Weekly Labs Lead by Sam + Team of Expert Trainers

+ Trauma Training

+ Integrative Breathwork Sessions

+ Meditative Breathwork Sessions

+ Lifetime Access to Online Training Portal

+ Post-Graduation Curriculum Additions & Updates

+ A high vibe, supportive peer community of lightworkers and soul-led leaders

Samantha Skelly

A Note From Samantha

I feel so confident that you’ll receive way more value than what you actually pay. Over the past 15 years, I’ve invested over $500,000 in business mentorship, workshops, training programs, executive coaching and energy work… all in pursuit of equipping myself with the most innovative and aligned strategies for building this empire. Even today, I am constantly investing in my own evolution, both professionally and personally.

My intention behind creating this program is to deliver to you all that I have cultivated and invested in along the journey of building Pause Breathwork. The value of what is delivered is only a fraction of what it’s worth, and it will equip you with everything you need to create a legacy of your own.

The leaders we create here know no bounds, and neither does their income potential!

Hear the Stories of the Pause Community...

Why is NOW the time to get in?

There are 128,000 health coaches & only 4% are using breathwork, which means breathwork can help YOU stand out from the crowd!

Breathwork is growing 400% year after year — getting in now means you’re riding a wave that’s on the rise!

The world needs healers to step up and serve through these dark times.

You’ll start getting Pause Mentor support right away from our Early Access Program, so you don’t have to wait to begin your certification journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pause Breathwork is a method where we use continual breathwork to break down emotions in the body that are stagnant and create havoc on our energetic systems. Breathwork is a practice of allowing our systems to see a different perspective whereby we feel deeply connected to our bodies and understand and experience the intelligence contained within our systems. Pause Breathwork is a way to heal, release, and transform.

The core difference is that Pause Breathwork is for healing and transformation. There are a lot of breathing practices where the goal or outcome is relaxation, but with Pause, relaxation and connection are an after effect of the practice. The goal with Pause is to unearth the stuck energy that prevents us from living in our highest alignment and operating in elevated frequencies.

Here are the most common benefits:

  • Immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief.
  • Connect with your emotions & change your response to them.
  • Revitalizes your organs.
  • Gives you access to your higher power.
  • Reduces toxins in your body & provides an energetic release.
  • More energy & mental clarity.
  • Deepens your relationship to your body.
  • Release trauma that has been stuck in your system for years.

You will graduate as a Certified Pause Breathwork Facilitator. You will have access to promote yourself as part of the Pause Breathwork brand.

Absolutely. We teach you everything you need to know to become a breathwork facilitator. When you graduate from the program you will have the tools, knowledge and mastery to start facilitating breathwork right away.

Of course. If you know you’re meant to do this work in the world, we will support you with a payment plan to make the financial commitment much easier. Plus, once you graduate you will have the skillset to start making back your tuition right away.

Yes, absolutely. This is a deeply immersive training program that requires full commitment. The LIVE Embodiment Calls with Samantha Skelly or her team of experts are Tuesdays 11am PST. You will also have access to many calls each week at many different times of the day, some of which are recorded for your convenience.

Yes, one of our values at Pause is ‘World Class Experiences’ and we believe intimacy and connection are the root of all transformation. You will receive a mentor assignment at the beginning of the program. This mentor is a graduate of the program and an embodiment of all of our core values at Pause.

Yes, all Embodiment Calls are recorded as well as many other calls. We deeply encourage you to prioritize your live calls as much as possible as there is a special community magic.

There are so many different calls available each week across many different timezones.  We have students all over the world that are able to find some that fit their schedule.  

The commitment is going to feel different for each of the students. We love to share that during the entirety of the program you can expect that the hours/wk will fluctuate anywhere from 4-15. This will depend on the time that you’re putting into the program and how many hours/week that you’re committing to facilitating practicum at any given time.

Yes, Samantha is very present in the program and brings live teachings Tuesdays at 11am PST.

This depends on your level of commitment. We have many, many students who pay back their initial tuition within a few months of graduating (and with breathwork on the rise, this is becoming more and more doable!)

The majority of our students either have a full time job or are already working over 40 hours in their wellness businesses. We encourage our students to time block & the importance of essentialism to make the program easy to fit into a busy schedule. And also…remember, if the body says yes, you will figure out the rest.

Absolutely, all of our team members are Trauma Informed and Trauma Practitioners. A trauma informed lens is embedded into the fabric of everything that we do at Pause.

Yes! Although, these costs are exponentially lower than starting other businesses. You can expect to begin paying these costs during practicum. These additional costs may include insurance, licensing fees, legal fees, accounting fees & subscribing for online tools (Zoom, Spotify, etc).

Are you ready to hop on a Breakthrough Call to see if it’s an aligned fit?

Our intention throughout the entire admission process is to get to know you and understand your vision and goals. It’s so important that you choose to join us from a place of alignment.

It needs to feel like a full-body “YES!” Let’s explore your aspirations together and find out if pursuing this path is in your highest alignment.

After you complete your application form, you will book a Breakthrough Call with a member of our enrollment team to see if this training is the right fit for you.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

We (Pause Breathwork) might use your phone number to get in touch with you about the program

Our Memberships & Accreditations

Phase One: The Still

Personal Exploration

In this phase of the program you’ll deep dive into your own body and healing so that you can embody what you teach. You’ll learn “The Natural Process”, plus you’ll learn the science of breathwork, its history, and how to be a trauma-informed facilitator. You’ll leave feeling transformed on a personal level, and feel confident in the foundations of breathwork.

Phase Two: The Force

Facilitation Mastery

The FORCE is a week-long immersion event that is placed in the middle of the program. It serves as a moment of integration for everything you’ve learned thus far. It’s an initiation for you to step into facilitation. After the FORCE, you’ll have everything you need to begin facilitating Pause Breathwork.

Phase Three: The Flow


During The Flow, the main focus is hands-on client experience. It’s a time to practice everything you’ve learned with both Pause peers and external clients. You will have guidance and direction through an exclusive community and will be supported as you facilitate your sessions.