How To Develop Intuition with Breathwork

Developing your intuition can seem like a daunting task. You’ve read the books, watched the videos, and yet can still feel totally and completely lost. But your intuition isn’t something that should be a struggle. When you’re aligned with it, life comes with ease, because your intuition is essentially your highest Self. When you learn how to develop intuition with breathwork, you’re learning to reconnect with what your body already knows.

Develop Intuition With Breathwork

Let me explain what I mean. Your body has already lived. It knows what to do. It knows where to go. All you have to do is listen to it. But this is where the disconnect tends to happen. You have been part of a society that highlights the push and hustle of life, not the slow, connected, and intuitive ease that is actually you.

To learn how to develop intuition with breathwork, you have to let go of what you’ve known to be true about it. Let go of the self-help books, let go of the spiritual leaders, and the gurus. They can’t tell you where to search for your Self. They can’t help you get the answers that you’re looking for. Disclaimer: anyone who does should NOT be trusted. 

When you develop your intuition with breathwork, you’re stepping into an already known territory. You’ve been here before. You’ve navigated these waters. Your body has lived through all of this before, that’s why it has all of the answers. And that’s why you breathe.

Why You Breathe

You develop intuition with breathwork. That’s why you breathe. Your body knows the way. This is your intuition. Your body has wisdom embedded so deeply within it that it can recognize patterns and help navigate you through anything. The most productive thing you can do is sit, breathe, and listen. Your body is always talking.

Your body wants to lead you to safety. But growing in the society that you did, you were taught to disconnect and disengage with your body. That’s why you might emotionally eat, battle with anxiety, or find yourself stressed out all of the time. But here’s the truth… You are not obligated to wake up in a state of panic each day. You are not obligated to live in a constant state of fear and pain. It’s not what you came here to be or do. And when you develop intuition with breathwork, you are choosing to let go of this ingrained and absurd obligation.

This is why you breathe.

To develop intuition with breathwork and connect back to your truth.

So, breathe deeper.

The gift of breathwork is the gift of intuition. And you develop intuition with breathwork when you continually stay committed to the practice. So, I want to give you the gift of breath, for free. It’s a guided breath practice and the first step to develop intuition with breathwork.


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