How To Use Breathwork To Release Stuck Emotions & Energy In The Body

Breathwork for emotional release 

Now one of the biggest problems that I see right now in the personal development industry is we are trying so hard to think about how to feel better.

So we’re overanalyzing, we our self-care to-do list, we’re thinking – why am I like this?! Why do i feel like this?! Why, why, why, why?!

And we’re essentially trying to force ourselves to feel better through mindset work. And do you want to know a secret?…

I don’t believe in mindset work, I don’t think it works!

Because the truth is that mindset work only works when we’re working at something.

So say you go to a conference or a seminar and everyone’s like “rah-rah-rah! Lets go! Lets change our lives!” and you’re amped up on adrenaline… but as soon as you get back home… you’re like, man nothing’s changed. Everything is the same…

It’s because you went back to what you’ve always done because you didn’t believe in the belief and the energetics in the body.

So the reason I love breathwork so much, is because it really helps with the semantic type of work. It’s what I like to call, the bottom up approach.

You start in the body and you let the beliefs in the body shift, so that the mindset shifts, so that our behaviors change.

So often, we’re so caught up in behavioral change, and mindset work… and we’re kind of missing the point. Because we’re missing the deep-work.

And so maybe you’ve done your fair share of mindset work and you still feel stuck…

Or if you’re anything like me, you did so much personal development. You listened to all the Podcasts, read all the books, went to all the seminars… and you’re like, why am I still stuck?

Or in my case, I was struggling with an eating disorder. And I was like, why am I still struggling with this?

I felt as though I literally had a PhD in personal development because of how long I was immersed in it.

But I was missing a huge piece. I wasn’t doing the deeper work. I wasn’t doing the body based work.

If we want to feel better, we gotta be better feelers.

We can’t think our way out of pain, or trauma, or fear. And so that’s why I’m super obsessed with breathwork…

Because breathwork is the catalyst for us to have epic emotional releases. 

It’s not just about thinking about it and hoping that one day you’ll change…

Breathwork takes all the thinking out of the equation. And the best part? Is that it works in an instant!

After you have a breathwork experience, there’s no question if you released emotion, there’s no question if you feel different. There’s no question. It’s obvious.

And so that’s why I am such a firm believer that breathwork is the next big thing and that it’s going to trump meditation.

You are your own drug.

You just gotta let your body do the work. So often the ego, the mind, the structured, logical part of us gets in the way of our own healing. And ultimately, that’s why we get stuck. 

When you surrender the mind, and the busyness, and the force, and the hustle, and the structure… and let your bodies do the work… that’s healing. That’s ultimate, sustainable healing.

And all you gotta do is breathe… And the body does the work.

Because you are your own healer. You are your own drug. And the breath is the tool to help you realize that. 

You were created with the ability to regulate your nervous system and clear your anxiety using nothing but your breath.

But after years and years of emotional numbing, your body goes into protection mode. So you just don’t release, you don’t let it go.

We as a society have created a culture where we don’t let our bodies do what they’re designed to do. And that’s why we have so much suffering and struggle and mental health and disordered eating and addiction and frustration and separation in the world.

If every human knew the potentiality of their true power and actually used it – the world would be a drastically different place. 

My hope is that through this blog, through my YouTube channel, through my social media platforms, through my certifications and courses… that the suffering will decrease and the human consciousness and potential will increase.

So what we’re gonna do for this 2 minute breathwork exercise…

The breath pattern that we’re gonna do today is one of our Pause Breathwork techniques – it’s called the tri-active breath.

Want to follow along with me? Go here to watch the video!

I want you to set a timer on for 2 minutes.

And here’s how the pattern goes:

  • Inhale into the belly, up into the chest…
  • And exhale deeply through the mouth.
  • Repeat until your timer goes off.

And once your alarm goes off, taking a deep breath in through the nose. Holding it at the top. And releasing it when you’re ready…

Releasing the breath,

coming back into your body,

placing both hands on your heart.

Feeling the clarity in the mind.

Feeling the groundedness.

The spaciousness in your body.

Opening up your eyes.

And then taking notice of how you feel… Do you feel lighter, do you feel more expansive? Do you feel more open? More energized?

If you want to go on a longer journey, I invite you to explore this free guided breathwork audio.

It’s longer than 2 minutes…

So set up your room, lie down on your yoga mat or your bed. Maybe dim the lights and put a candle on. Make yourself feel super comfortable, get some nice headphones and go on a deeper journey.

And remember, we came here to live out our greatest adventure. And it starts on the other side of a deep breath. 



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