by Pause Breathwork

If you’ve ever said ‘I can’t meditate’ – breathwork is for you.

Do you wonder if you’ll ever ‘get there’?

Perhaps feeling defeated as if stress & anxiety is just the norm?

You’re in the right place.

Breathwork is the path to release stress though your breath.

Give us 6 weeks, we will guide you to your freedom.

Sound good?

Here’s the truth…

Everything you need to live the life you want, everything you need to be the person you want to be is already inside of you.

You just need help accessing it. You need help stripping away the layers of suffering, struggle, anxiety, and stress.

You need to learn how to connect with your body on a deeper level and create a felt sense of safety, peace, and well-being WITHIN yourself.

Enter the Journey by Pause Breathwork

The Journey by Pause Breathwork is a 6-week online course facilitated by CEO & Founder Samantha Skelly that will introduce you to breathwork, guide you through weekly practices and help you reconnect into your body so that you can finally access your innate wisdom, safety, and calm.

What I want for you…



I want you to wake up each morning feeling empowered. And no, not because you’ve convinced yourself you need to be, but because you truly feel it.

I want you to tap deep into your inner source of infinite possibility (it sounds woo woo, but hang with me)

It’s simple – you are your own drug. 

Take a journey with me.

Let me guide you on an exploration into your magnificent inner world…

My Vision

20 years from now, I want it to be absurd that humans once hated their bodies, numbed emotionality, and silenced the inner voice that was asking for love and for us to show up.

20 years from now, I want the dependency model to be completely destroyed, and for humans to remember the innate power and divine intelligence within each of us.

20 years from now, I want the connection between happiness and hustle to be demolished – the belief that we need to be constantly “doing” something to “feel” our desired feelings.

20 years from now, I want humans to have direct access to their hearts, where egos take a backseat to heart energy, and our addiction to struggle is replaced with joy as our new standard.

20 years from now, I see a completely different world – one in which humans are slower, softer, more connected, and more alive.

I know this is possible through the power of breathwork. I know this is possible through bringing humanity together to breathe, connect, love, and feel.

That is my vision… are you with me?

The Pause Breathwork Mission:
To help you clear anxiety & stress through the power of the breath.

Your body is the healer. It just needs a little help getting there. Enter breathwork…

Here at Pause Breathwork, we’ve developed our own breathwork techniques, patterns, and methods to maximize healing and transformation.

There are a lot of breathing practices where the goal or outcome is relaxation, but with Pause, relaxation and connection are an after effect of the practice. The goal with Pause is to unearth the stuck energy that prevents us from living in our highest alignment and operating in elevated frequencies.

Pause breathwork uses intentional stimulation (breath, music, and movement) to regulate the nervous system and bring your body back into balance.

If you’re ready to experience the life-changing power of breathwork for yourself…


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Chronic anxiety and stress isn’t “the norm.”
In my 6-week course, I will introduce you to breathwork, guide you through weekly practices, and help you reconnect into your body so that you can finally access your innate wisdom, safety, and calm.

All Love,
Samantha Skelly

Founder & CEO
Hungry for Happiness &
Pause Breathwork


The Course Breakdown

The Journey by Pause Breathwork is a 6-week online course facilitated by CEO & Founder Samantha Skelly. The content for each week includes a video lecture and breathwork experience, an assigned mantra, and a worksheet on the weekly theme. Here is a breakdown of the themes we will cover in the course:


Week 1: Accessing Safety

As humans, we need to feel safe, but most of us are so disconnected from our bodies that we tend to focus on things outside of ourselves to feel safe, like money, partners, career, or our home environment. The truth is that your body is the safest place to be. It’s time to come home to yourself. In week one of The Journey, I will guide you through overcoming your blocks to safety and teach you how to access safety within yourself, even in times of struggle or fear.

Week 2: Embodying Trust

Your body is the ultimate healer, you just need to connect with it on a deeper level and trust it. We often turn to our external world to heal, but this does the opposite. When you turn your back on yourself and your body, you give away your power. It’s time to kick the co-dependency with your external world to the curb. In week two, I will guide you through using the breath to recalibrate your body and learn to trust your incredible vessel so that you can easily access states of peace, harmony, and bliss.


Week 3: Allowance & Surrender

When you’re in resistance to what is and constantly fight your circumstances, you remain stuck in the struggle. What you resist persists. It’s time to let go of your need for control and stop resisting. It’s time to usher in allowance and surrender. During week three, I will guide you through breathwork to uncover what you need to process and release from your life. You will have a better understanding of what you are resisting as well as the blocks that are keeping you from happiness.

Week 4: Acceptance & Creation

Before you change, you must fully accept where you are in life. And if you can love it, even if it’s not “perfect,” all the better. True transformation happens at the intersection of pain and love, and you always want love to be the foundation for growth, healing, and change. In week four of The Journey, we will use the breath to help you hone in on your desires and create a vision of what you want your life to be.


Week 5: Embodiment & Integration

Transformation and healing are not destinations. You will never come to the end of the journey of healing and growth. The work is constant, and part of that work is taking emotional responsibility and personal accountability for your journey. In week five of the course, we will use breathwork to practice embodiment and integration, because the most powerful, transformative place you can live from is your body.

Week 6: Personal Empowerment

Your power is connection to your heart and access to your intuition. It’s the life force running through your veins and the essence of your being. A huge part of personal empowerment is knowing the truth and source of your power, and what energizes vs. depletes you. In the final week of The Journey, we’ll use the breath to discover what makes you come alive and now to be in alignment with your body and power.


The Journey is for you if…

You are anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed out daily...

You always feel like you are hustling and in overdrive...

You wake up anxious every morning...

You feel completely disconnected from your body and heart...

You struggle with setting aside “me time” and hardly ever implement self-care...

Anxiety drives your decision making...

It’s time to Pause, recalibrate your mind, body, and soul, and take a journey to peace, happiness, and bliss.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of breathwork?

Here are the most common benefits: Immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief. Connect with your emotions & change your response to them. Revitalizes your organs. Gives you access to your higher power. Reduces toxins in your body & provides an energetic release. More energy & mental clarity. Deepens your relationship to your body. Release trauma that has been stuck in your system for years.

What are the common side effects of breathwork?

Breathwork is a completely safe practice; however, the body will respond in physical ways that may seem odd. Tetany is the most common physical side effect; it’s where your hands will curl inwards toward your heart. This usually passes within 15 minutes of completing the practice. Your ears may ring for about 20 minutes after breathwork. During the session, your body may shake, move around, or you’ll feel the need to scream. This is all part of the energetic release.

Is breathwork safe for pregnant women?

Breathwork is not recommended for pregnant women. The practice can create intense emotionality within the system, which may create emotional disruption for the baby. Breathwork is highly recommended prenatal to allow for the release of past trauma and to create a healthy energetic environment for the baby, as well as postnatal. Breathwork is safe to use when breastfeeding.

I have high blood pressure, is this safe for me?

If you have any medical conditions or are currently taking medication, please consult your doctor before starting breathwork. Medical conditions may include, but are not limited to, high blood pressure, depression, kidney disease, heart disease, chronic panic attacks, and asthma.

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It’s time to stop settling for anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. It’s time to level up your life in a big way. It’s time to access peace, calm, harmony, and bliss. It’s time to come home to yourself.

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