12 Reasons Why You Should Do a Breathwork Training Certification

Breathwork is having a moment. The industry is BOOMING, and for good reason, because it’s the most powerful healing modality on the planet. There’s never been a better time than now to become a breathwork facilitator and change lives. People are ready for it, and humanity needs it. 

The question is, are you ready to step into leadership? If so, taking the leap and starting a breathwork training certification is the path to the career of your dreams. Not only are you given the skillset to create massive transformation in people’s lives, but you yourself will go on a profound journey of self-discovery. In this blog, I want to speak to that and offer you 12 reasons to take a breathwork training certification if you’re still on the fence. 

For me personally, there’s nothing that has been more beneficial to my own life and the lives of my clients than breathwork. When we can get out of our minds and into our bodies, we realize that this is actually where our power is. This is where we truly liberate ourselves. This is where freedom exists, and if we can bring this medicine and beautiful art form to our sessions, then we can help our clients realize their power — and there’s nothing more valuable than that.

The beautiful thing about facilitating breathwork is that it never gets old. I’ve been doing breathwork for 14 years and teaching it for about 11 years now, and every single time I teach breathwork, I am in awe of the light bulb moments people have. To hear people say, “I had no idea it was possible to feel this good or that it felt this good to be in my heart.”.

With breathwork, we can access our infinite potential, generate energy, and experience liberation simply using breath. It’s the most beautiful thing to witness.

Here are 12 more reasons why you should consider joining a breathwork training certification

1. Professional Development

A breathwork training certification will give you the skills and knowledge to become a certified Breathwork Facilitator, enabling you to offer sessions professionally.

If you have a transformational business, it will grow (and if you don’t have a business, you can start one). The reason breathwork supports your business to grow exponentially is that you can create better transformations for your clients. How? Breathwork is a somatic practice; it’s not like mindset coaching. 

When we do mindset coaching, we can have a 3-month container that feels all hyped up on “RAH, RAH, RAH… GO, GO, GOO!!!”. But then, as soon as we stop working with a client, their motivation fizzles, and so do their results.

But with breathwork, we are working with subtle energy in the body. Our relationships with clients tend to be much longer, and the shifts are more profound and long-lasting. They stay because they can feel the potency. We can have clients for a year, two years, or even longer. We become a key player in their wellness practice and personal expansion.

So for you as a coach, what that means is you’re not spending all of your waking hours marketing. Instead, you are going deeper with your clients.

2. Personal Growth & Self-Discovery

The second reason to take a breathwork training certification is that nothing is a bigger catalyst for YOUR transformation than teaching breathwork. Why? Because we get to go first. We embody what we teach. We do our own practice every single day. This is the key to becoming a masterful and effective facilitator. 

I get to use breathwork every single day on myself, and it helps me move through my own limitations and integrate my inner parts so that I can be a really safe and powerful resource for my clients.

So simple just by teaching breathwork, we are developing, growing, and evolving, which happens so naturally throughout a breathwork training certification program.

3. Connect With Your Intuition

Number three, when you embark on a breathwork training certification journey, you embark on the path of following your intuition and connecting more deeply to it. 

We have three energetic bodies: the mind, emotion, and intuition. While going through our breathwork certification training, not only will you dive so much deeper into understanding these three bodies, but you’ll also be able to cut through the noise of the mind so you can hear your own intuitive voice.

4. Connect With Your Body

Doing breathwork facilitator training also allows you to become a master at connecting to your body. Your body is the vehicle and vessel for all transformation on a cellular level. When we use breathwork as a way to connect to the body, we unlock an innate intelligence that exists within each of us. 

When we unlock that intelligence, we begin to choose what we desire to do in life, not what we think we “should” do. We’re able to navigate the world and our decisions with more ease, grace, and certainty because we are able to sense our hunches, feelings, and intuition more clearly.

5. Facilitate Better & Longer Lasting Results

A breathwork training certification will also teach you how to produce lasting transformations for your clients. We already talked about this one a little bit, but mindset work just isn’t enough anymore. We end up getting on a mindset rollercoaster where we’re white-knuckling our way through our affirmations, trying to force change on the level of the mind. 

But breathwork is more sustainable and helps us shift as the body is ready, which becomes more permanent because we aren’t forcing anything. When the body accepts the transformation, it becomes who we are on a subconscious level. Because this is the nature of breathwork, it also means that the results are better (and more obvious) to your clients. 

With mindset coaching alone, it can sometimes make both you and your client wonder if anything has changed after a session. It can be hard to tell right away. There’s often homework involved, too, in order for the session to be effective. 

Breathwork, on the other hand, can produce immediate results that are obvious and undeniable. Your clients will FEEL different right away. More connected to their hearts and more connected to who they truly are.

So not only do you get lasting transformations with breathwork, you actually get better transformations too.

6. Stand Out in Your Industry

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, breathwork is BOOMING right now. But so is coaching and self-work in general. However there are over 400,000 life coaches in America, but only 4% of them are using breathwork. So by taking a breathwork training certification like ours, you’ll learn how to add this modality to your business and offer breathwork to your clients, which will help you stand out in a saturated coaching market.

7. Feel More Confident As a Coach

When I used to be a mindset coach, I remember feeling so much impostor syndrome. I felt like my clients would be relying on what “I know” in order to get results. I felt sooooo much pressure to have all the “right answers.”

But after going through a breathwork training certification, you’ll see that this all goes out the window. You don’t need to know the “right answers” for your clients. Your clients aren’t paying you for what you know. They are paying you to help them drop into their bodies and discover the content that’s already there.

When facilitating breathwork, you’ll see that whatever is arising in the session is what gets to be worked on in that moment. It’s so different than mindset coaching. You don’t need to come in with an agenda. It’s much more intuitive and trusting. Because of this, impostor syndrome melts away. You can just sit back, hold space, and release the need to control the outcome. The breath does the work for you.

8. Become Trauma-Aware & Create Safer Spaces

When you go through a professional breathwork training certification, you learn the nuances of becoming a trauma-aware and trauma-informed breathwork facilitator. This means you have the confidence and skills to work with the nervous system without retraumatizing someone.

Learning and embodying trauma-aware qualities ultimately creates a safer space for your clients. You’ll feel confident guiding them through their emotional journey and helping them to regulate their nervous systems, and as a result, they’ll be able to relax more. 

The deeper they can relax and surrender to the process, the more stuck energy they can let go of that has been stuck in their bodies. This allows them to feel liberation and transmute the energy into something that serves them. 

9. Embody Your True Self

At Pause, our breathwork training certification program, helps YOU transform first. Because, as facilitators and coaches, we can’t take people to places that we have not gone to ourselves. Teaching this work requires us to fully embody our essence and true nature.

It’s been 14 years now of doing breathwork every single day, and each session unites me closer to who I truly am, the version of me that exists beyond my perceived limitations, doubts, and fears and into the space of my infinite potential. I literally have the best “job” in the world. I get to do work that allows me to be me.

10. Become a Better Leader

Breathwork allows us to connect to our hearts and truth. When that happens I can lead and speak from that place. I can do this work in the world with more confidence, alignment, and ease. I don’t get stuck doubting myself or wondering if I can do it. I just AM embodied in my leadership. 

The same becomes true for the students and alum who go through our breathwork training certification. They become better leaders who are more confident and bold and have the courage to start missions that change the world.

11. Find More Clarity on Your Path & Purpose

When the noise of the mind is quiet from breathwork, your path, and purpose become much more clear. We begin to see the businesses we want to build, the steps we need to take, the people we need to reach out to, and the clients we want to work with. Our spiritual gifts become more activated, and we see life through a new lens. We cut through the confusion and KNOW on a deep soul level why we’re here and what we came here to do.

12. Get Paid to Do What You Love & Attract More Abundance

When you do a breathwork training certification like ours, you activate all of these benefits, which leads to greater abundance. When we feel clear, on mission, on purpose, confident, and aligned, we teach from a place of embodied leadership and add so much value to people’s lives.  This is when we stand in our power and attract more abundance. We get to do what we love, be of service, and get paid well for it. 

Breathwork helps you open up the channels of abundance in so many ways, and the first step is taking a breathwork training certification.

To wrap this baby up…

A breathwork training certification is an amazing way to dive deep into yourself, activate all of these benefits, and begin living a life of peace and joy. This path can help you become the best version of yourself by embodying your true self and being a better leader. You gain clarity on your path and purpose, which leads to greater abundance in all aspects of life, personally and professionally. What could be a better career and lifestyle than that?

How to Become a Trauma-Aware & Safe Breathwork Facilitator

It’s important to remember that breathwork can be intense for some people, so it’s essential to ensure safety before facilitating breathwork. By making sure you’re trauma-aware and understand the potential side effects of breathwork, you can create a safe space for your clients.

The good news is, I’m OBSESSED with this wonderful, wacky, and amazing modality and have a 6-month Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training that will teach you the skills and tools needed to become a trauma-aware practitioner.

But if you’re not ready to go that deep just yet, and you just want a quick taste first, then I’ve recorded a totally FREE training for you to get started. It’s called “Get Lasting Results for Your Coaching Clients.”

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