How Somatic Breathwork Can Uplevel Your Coaching Results

Are you a coach or wellness professional looking to uplevel your results? Somatic Breathwork is where it’s at, my friend! This ancient practice has been used for centuries to help people access deeper parts of themselves and experience profound personal transformation. It can be an incredibly powerful tool for coaches, helping them create sustainable and long-lasting change in their clients’ lives.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what somatic breathwork is and how it can benefit both your coaching business and your clients. We’ll also dive into how to incorporate somatic breathwork into your coaching practice as well as tips for getting the best results with it.

Ready to go? Let’s do it!

What is Somatic Breathwork?

Let’s break down the word “somatic” for a hot second; “soma” means “body” in Greek. So when we’re talking about “somatic” practices, we mean “body-based” practices. Easy right? Breathwork is just one type of somatic practice. Fun fact, eh?

Before we dive deeper into how to use this powerful practice, I want to share a bit about WHY I’m so passionate about it…

My Story: How Somatic Breathwork Helped Me Heal

My background was in mindset coaching. I did mindset coaching for years and years and years and years and yearssssss. When I found breathwork 13 years ago (or I should say when breathwork found me), I was in Bali on a mission to heal. I was struggling with disordered eating and body image issues. I was trying really, really hard to “think my way out” of feeling the pain in my body. Have you tried that route too?

I stumbled upon breathwork accidentally when I was late for a meditation class (classic Sam Skelly) and had to go to the next class available – which happened to be breathwork. 

My first time at it, I was literally BLOWN away (no pun intended, or was that a pun intended? 😉). I realized that, wow, we have this ability to heal ourselves through breath alone! I discovered for the first time ever that I could connect my mind and my body, which led me to release so much pent-up emotion that I had been carrying for years. 

Somatic breathwork gave me the tools to really move through all of the resistance, trauma, and pain that was holding me back. It’s the number tool that I credit for helping me fall in love with my body and heal my eating disorder once and for all.

Because I know the power of this stuff so well, I become OBSESSED with spreading the word. Here are all the ways that I know somatic breathwork can help your business and your clients!…

The Benefits of Somatic Breathwork for Your Clients

At Pause Breathwork, we believe that 80% of “the work” happens in the body, and 20% is in the mind. Therefore somatic breathwork can be an incredibly powerful tool for coaches, helping their clients create sustainable and long-lasting change.

When we’re just working with the level of the mind, we can do a lot of mindset work or say a lot of affirmations, but if we’re not changing the consciousness in the body, then we’re gonna do all those affirmations or do all that mindset work and then find ourselves in is back where we started. Have you ever experienced that? I know I have. I used to go to a TON of mindset conferences and seminars and get all hyped up and feel “changed,” only to “snap back” as soon as I got back home and reality set in.

That’s why somatic breathwork is such a powerful tool for coaches. It creates deep, lasting change from the inside out. By working with your client’s soma (body) through somatic breathwork, you can help your clients:

– Access their subconscious mind and reprogram old patterns that no longer serve them.

– Break free from addictive behaviors and negative thought patterns.

– Unlock the physical and emotional energy that is stored in their bodies.

– Access deep truths and transformational states of being.

– Tap into their own intuitive wisdom.

– Find deeper levels of healing and self-awareness.

– And SO soooo much more (seriously though… the HEALTH benefits of this practice are through the roof… it can heal stress, anxiety, sleep troubles, and more).

How Somatic Breathwork Can Help Your Coaching Business

Just image being ahead of the curve when it comes to transformational work and KNOWING the tools and techniques that actually work. Somatic breathwork can help you take your coaching business to the next level by offering more value and better results to your clients. If somatic breathwork is part of your offerings, it will set you apart from other coaches and help you stand out.

You can also use somatic breathwork to fill up workshops and retreats, as well as offer somatic breathwork sessions to your clients as an added value. And best of all, somatic breathwork can be done remotely, so you don’t have to worry about meeting in person if that’s not your thing (although, personally, I LOVE in-person breathwork ceremonies!).

How to Incorporate Somatic Breathwork into Your Coaching Business

Have you ever heard of the term “inner child work”? Well, the truth is, we don’t just have one inner child… we have a whole pre-school of ’em! And in order for us to heal the wounds created in childhood, we must be able to connect with them and their needs. Those needs are often spoken to us in the sensations of contraction, anxiety, stress, fear, or whatever it is. But so often, we’re stuck in our heads and have a hard time dropping into the somatic sensation of what our body is telling us.

So what happens? We override the needs of these parts and try to “work harder” or push ourselves beyond our limits. But somatic breathwork can be the key that unlocks the ability to feel those needs and respond with love. It’s through somatic breathwork that you can offer your clients a safe space for self-exploration, healing, and true transformation. This can help them feel more connected to themselves, their emotions, and their sensations.

Using somatic breathwork to support inner child healing is just ONE way to incorporate somatic breathwork into your coaching business.  It can be blended with a variety of other healing modalities and styles to deepen transformation, such as:

– Meditations

– Positive affirmations

– Guided imagery

– Journaling

– Energy work

– Movement

– And so much more.

Tips for Getting the Best Results From Somatic Breathwork

When incorporating somatic breathwork into your coaching business, here are some tips to get the best results:

– Be well-versed in how to facilitate breathwork (that most likely looks like getting certified first). If you’re already certified as a breathwork facilitator, then consider getting the somatic coaching certification.

– Create a safe environment for your clients, free of judgment and agendas.

– Be present with your client throughout their somatic breathwork session.

– Offer aftercare suggestions to help clients continue the healing process.

– Be sure that your clients feel emotionally and psychologically safe before beginning.

– Guide clients to trust their own inner wisdom as they explore what’s coming up and encourage them to take action on what feels right for them.

To wrap it up!

As a coach, somatic breathwork is an invaluable tool that you can use to help your clients unlock their infinite potential. And when you offer somatic breathwork as part of your coaching business offerings, it’s sure to set you apart from others in the industry. So if you haven’t already, consider adding somatic breathwork to your coaching toolkit and watch your clients transform rapidly.

Overall, somatic breathwork can be used as a powerful tool to help unlock healing in your clients. By offering somatic breathwork alongside traditional coaching techniques, you can provide more value and better results to your clients, helping them reach their goals faster and with greater ease. It’s also a great way to fill up workshops or retreats or even offer somatic breathwork sessions remotely as an added bonus. So if you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level, somatic breathwork is the perfect tool for you!

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