How to Change Sloppy Thoughts and Manifest Your Dreams

Change sloppy thoughts and manifest your dreams

How to Remove Sloppy Thoughts and Manifest Your Dreams

Sloppy thoughts are like weeds in your garden. They choke out the flowers and prevent them from blooming. The same is true for your dreams. If you want to manifest them, you need to eliminate the sloppy thoughts preventing you from expanding into the vision you know you’re here to create. When you remove your sloppy thoughts, you’ll be able to live in alignment with your highest self. In this blog post, we will discuss exactly how to change your sloppy thoughts to manifest your dreams!

But first, I want to share with you WHY this matters. The practices I’m going to share with you today literally changed the GAME for me. I do these practices religiously every single day in order to stay high vibe and hold the vision of my dreams. There’s no way I could have created two multimillion-dollar companies, certified over 1000 breathwork facilitators and somatic coaches, launched an app or shared my message on over 400 stages around the world without these practices. They are that powerful.

If you want to manifest your dreams, you need to be willing to do the inner work. Your dreams matter because they are a representation of what you’re capable of. They reflect your highest potential and what you’re truly capable of achieving in this lifetime. When you allow yourself to dream big, you open up the possibility for limitless possibilities in your life.

In order to manifest your dreams, you must find ways to not slip into sloppy thinking. It can be easy to sink down into the circumstance around you or lose sight of what’s truly possible, but it’s important to remember that your thoughts create your reality. So if you’re thinking sloppy thoughts, you’re manifesting a sloppy reality. But if you can clear out the negative mental chatter and focus on what you WANT, you will begin to see miraculous changes in your life, I promise.

With that, are you ready to get into it?

What are sloppy thoughts?

A sloppy thought is a suggestion from the bank of fear in your brain sack that suggests something that you may or may not be afraid of. Most of the time, it’s fear-producing, right?

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say you’re thinking about a situation in your life, and boop! A thought that’s negative pops up. If you don’t take a moment to rewire that thought right away into something more positive, it can become a sloppy thought.

What tends to happen is we have a sloppy thought, and we don’t rewire it. We ignore it, we distract. We think we’re too busy. We try and numb ourselves or eat some food or go on social media or whatever we do to distract ourselves. And then that sloppy thought creates momentum.

When momentum is created, our mind gathers information. It starts looking for what else could be true. What else feels real? And then it goes, and it snowballs. When that thought begins to snowball, what it does is it creates an activation in the body. The activation in the body shows up as anxiety, stress, fear, angst, or whatever it is. And the activation of the body intensifies the thought.

I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know. This experience creates a looping; thought, feeling, thought, feeling, thought, feeling. And it intensifies and intensifies and intensifies. So it’s up to us to be responsible for our emotions and thoughts and stop the loop before it intensifies.

In short, sloppy thoughts can spin us out and create a snowball of fear in our bodies if we don’t nip them in the bud right away.

But in order to do so, you have to be aware of what you’re thinking, and begin to question them. Ask yourself anytime you notice a sloppy thought, “Is this thought helping me or hurting me? Does this thought serve my highest good?” That’s the first step.

2. How to identify sloppy thoughts

In order to question our sloppy thoughts, we need to first become aware of them. So here are some common examples of sloppy thoughts that can hold you back from manifesting your dreams:

-I’m not good enough

-I don’t deserve it

-It’s not possible for me

-I can’t do it

-People like me don’t succeed

-I’m not smart enough

-I’m not pretty enough

-I don’t have enough money

-I’m unworthy

These thoughts might sound familiar because they’re so common. We’ve all had them at one point or another. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re true. In fact, they’re probably some of the furthest things from the truth.

The only way to manifest your dreams is to change the story you’re telling yourself about who you are and what’s possible for you. You have to begin to see yourself as the powerful creator that you are. And that starts with becoming aware of the thoughts you’re thinking.

3. How to remove slopping thoughts to manifest your dreams

As I already mentioned, the first step is to become aware of the sloppy thoughts, pay attention to them, and then question it.

Next, you’re going to want to acknowledge it and redirect it with where you’re going instead. The moment you have a thought that is not 100% authentically aligned with where you’re going, you look it right in the eye and say, “I love you. Thank you for sharing, but this is where I’m going instead.” Then fill it in with your vision.

It is in THAT millisecond and that choice that a sloppy thought doesn’t create momentum.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a panic attack, but it can feel like having a SINGLE thought that spins you completely out of control. You have a thought, and then it’s like BOOM, you begin to panic. That fear-based pattern is powerful and can completely take over in a second.

But the beautiful thing is,  if you’re that powerful in the fear-based path, then you MUST be equally as powerful in the other direction. You CAN spiral upwards into a state of love, ease, peace, joy, and possibility – within a heartbeat.

So what if we were to pay attention to that sloppy thought right away and choose an empowering thought instead?

When we catch ourselves thinking about a thought that isn’t serving us, we can choose to manifest our dreams by putting our attention on what we WANT instead of what we don’t want. And it can happen quickly.

3. How does rewiring your thoughts help you manifest your dreams?

As we choose a new empowering thought, the empowering thought creates a vibration in our body. That vibration in our body creates more empowering thoughts, and more empowering thoughts amplify the vibration in our body. Remember that looping we talked about?

Then what are we doing? We are on the path of CREATION! We are on the path of manifestation. We are on the path to achieving everything we want in this life.

For example, if we fear that we are going to run out of money, we can choose to manifest abundance instead. When the fearful thought pops up, we question it and ask, “Is this real? Or does this just feel true”.

Most of the time, we’re going to realize it’s not even a true thought, to begin with. It’s just something our minds made up. But because we believe it, we start to spin and create evidence for it.

But when we choose to manifest abundance instead, what are we doing? We’re choosing a thought that feels good. And as we focus on thoughts that feel good, more and more evidence of abundance shows up in our lives.

We start to see opportunities we never noticed before. We attract people into our lives who are generous and kind. We find money in unexpected places. We start to feel more abundant and grateful for what we have.

And the best part is, as we focus on manifesting our dreams, our dreams actually start to manifest! It’s not just a coincidence. It’s the law of attraction and vibration at work.

So if you want to manifest your dreams, start by rewiring your thoughts. Choose thoughts that feel good and watch as your life transforms before your eyes. It’s always our choice which thought we’re going to believe and follow. Will it be the empowering one or the disempowering one? The choice is ours.

What happens to your brain and body when you rewire your thoughts?

Humans are VERY malleable, for better or worse. I could wake up tomorrow and decide that I’m going to live in hell on Earth or heaven on Earth. That’s my decision. I can shift my identity and beliefs to live a caged-in life or a life of liberation.

I know I’m malleable because neuroplasticity is a thing. Our brain literally changes over time. When we anchor in good, empowering thoughts, and we decide to let go of sloppy thoughts and rewire them, our brain changes over time. When our brain changes, our identity changes.

When our brain and identity and beliefs change, our feelings change. When our feelings change, our vibration changes. When our vibration changes, we create a fricking masterpiece out of our life. And so it is so important for you to actually understand the depth of your power.

If you want that bank account that feels like you’re on cloud nine if you want that relationship that makes you feel so loved and so abundant, if you want that business that makes you so inspired, then you must understand that you are the creator of your life. You are in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I hear you… “But Sam, what if the world around me is negative? How can I maintain my vibration?”

Here’s the truth, we live in a world where oftentimes negativity IS reflected back at us.

But there’s this thing called “energetic configuration”. Energetic configuration is when someone is reflecting their perception of you, even without words, onto you. They are “projecting” their idea of who they think you are onto you. And that can configure your body and action if you’re not mindful and in your power.

For example, have you ever been around someone who thinks you are the greatest freakin’ person on the planet? And you can just feeeeeeeel their perception of you. It feels so good to be around them. You feel safe. You open up. It’s easier to feel self-expressed. It’s easy to “be yourself.” See how you configure to how they see you?

Well, it can work the other way around too. Say, for instance, you’re visiting family, and they still assume you’re still the same 14-year-old teenager, and so they treat you as such. They might not think you’re capable of much. They might try to control you or tell you what to do all the time because in their mind, that’s who you are.

And if you’re not careful and mindful, then their perception can configure how you see yourself and how you act.

Well, the way around this is stepping into your power and deciding how YOU view yourself. Because energetic configuration works in relationships with others, but it also works in the relationship with yourself. When you DECIDE the perception you want of yourself, you will energetically configure to that. That’s why self-love is so powerful. It changes the way you see yourself, which then changes your vibration and behaviors.

The way that you can use this info to manifest your dreams is to get a clear vision of where you’re going. Define your dream. Make it real. Imagine it as done. Then envision who is the type of person who lives that dream. What qualities do they embody?

You can literally go into the future in your mind and “imprint” that energetic frequency into the present.

For example, what I see is Eric and I are married with two kids. We’re living in our multimillion-dollar home, and we have a mountain house.  I have my Malibu Wakesetter, and all of my friends are at my mountain house hanging out on my lake. The sun is shining. We’re having margaritas, yada, yada, yada.

That is the dream I’m obsessed with manifesting. I see that scene over and over again. I’m so excited about it!

When I feel into that vision and that version of me, I create an energetic blueprint of her in my energy and decide to become her now.

That version of me has millions and millions and millions of dollars in the bank. She is just absolutely infinite. She is serving and helping millions of people all over the world.

And I view myself as that today. That’s the vibe.

So, every single day, I wake up, and I create this person that you see. I craft her. I create her. I strip away all of the parts of me that do not match up with that. I strip away all of the perceptions that other people have of me. I let it go. I let it go. I let it go. I come back to what is the truest version of who I KNOW myself to be because I decided how I perceive myself.

And when you’re in that type of vibration, no one else around you can impact you energetically. You stand in your power.

So that’s how you hold the vision, even if the people around you don’t see it and reflect negativity.

If you have a hard time doing this, we have a track on the Pause Breathwork App that is designed to help you Activate Your Vision. You can listen to that here. Do that today.

In conclusion…

Sloppy thoughts manifest a sloppy reality. So if you want to manifest your dream life, then be mindful of the thoughts you let into your world. Be devoted to rewiring them as soon as they come up. And get really clear on the vision of where you’re going instead. Then do the work to stay in the vibration. Imagine the version of you who lives that dream and embody them today. Keep choosing to energetically configure to the perception of YOU that you choose. And your dream life will manifest before your eyes.  

If you want some help with this process, be sure to download the Pause Breathwork App and listen to the Activate Your Vision track. It will help you get clear on your vision and feel into the version of you who already lives that dream.

Take a deep breath in… and let it go. It’s time to stand in your power!

With love,

Sam + The Pause Breathwork Fam

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