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What others say about Pause Breathwork

I had no idea what to expect coming into this… I’m a super newbie to Breathwork. I just got into it because I felt like it was the right thing to do – to help discover myself and to help others. It really helped me open up and understand myself more as a person, and how to utilize the power of Breathwork to help my clients. If you’re sitting on the edge and not sure if you should do this… it’s time to get off the edge, and just do it!

Eric N.

Pause Breathwork is the most powerful tool I have ever come across. It has given me access to shift what impacts my every moment – my energy. Through breathwork, I have been able to access my body’s wisdom in an instant, and I don’t have to rely on anything external. Breathwork has helped me do the inner work to act in alignment with the better version of myself.

Kelsey E.

Breathwork organically brings forth what you need in the moment. It’s so powerful because it brings your awareness to the present – to what is within you and what has always been there. I’m prone to spending too much time in my head, always allowing my mind to hijack my experience and spin a web of anxiety and stress, but breathwork physically pulls me back into my body and into the present moment.

Jennie K.

If you’ve ever said:

“I can’t meditate” …


Then Breathwork is for you.

Try Breathwork!

What is Breathwork?

The Pause Technique is a method of using continual breathwork to release anxiety and stress. The technique uses the breath as the healer to shift stuck emotions that create heaviness & overwhelm in the body. You will see results within just 90 seconds of using The Pause Technique.

Pause Breathwork Mission

Humanity is desperate for a radical paradigm shift, a shift in…

  • The way we treat our bodies.
  • The way we relate to our souls.
  • The way we love.
  • The way we connect.
  • The way we heal.

And that’s what Pause Breathwork is all about. It’s our mission to help you clear anxiety and stress through the power of your breath.

Constant anxiety and stress are not the norm, but for many of us, it can become our default mode and something we just live with. The truth is that we all deserve to thrive, and within each of us is everything we need to reach and sustain this state of being. The key to activating this state is the breath.

At Pause, we envision a world…

where everyone has the awareness and knowledge to use the breath to clear anxiety and stress, grounding into the truth that the body is the healer, and through the power of the breath, each of us can access the flow of bliss, peace, and happiness.

And here at Pause Breathwork, we’ve gone a step further and developed our own breathwork techniques, patterns, and methods to maximize healing and transformation.

There are a lot of breathing practices where the goal or outcome is relaxation, but with Pause, relaxation and connection are an after effect of the practice. The goal with Pause is to unearth the stuck energy that prevents us from living in our highest alignment and operating in elevated frequencies.

Pause breathwork uses intentional stimulation (breath, music, and movement) to regulate the nervous system and bring your body back into balance.

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