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We hear it all the time, balance is the key to everything. And too much of anything is too much. And, well, it’s true. Our bodies are constantly searching for balance and in that balance, there is always an internal need to alkalize the body. We have biological happenings taking place in our bodies every […]

What we know to be true is the fact that breathwork for energy is a real thing. On one of their blogs, Real Simple mentions that you can indeed get energy boosts from deep breathing. Get this — shallow breathing prevents the body from getting all the oxygen that it needs to function properly and […]

You know that yoga is good for your body, and you know that being active is good for your health. You also know that food should nourish your soul, but what about the breath? The benefits of breathwork are mood, body, and life-enhancing. It’s an outlet to release repressed anger, doubt, and other emotions. From […]